Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!!

Many happy wishes and blessings that your dreams come true for this coming year in 2014!!!!

Thank you to everyone who read my posts and to those who wrote a comment about them.  They and you were very much appreciated.  I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you take the time to do this.

Thank you again.

God bless,


Theme Thursday - YOUTH!

I can say this about "YOUTH".

You know you lost your "YOUTH" when one day you wake up.   You go to brush your hair and after looking in the mirror, you realize that most of the beautiful mane of hair you had when you were young is almost gone.  Then you get out the magnifying mirror, you look at your chin, inside your nose, on your neck and you see it is now growing there.  Nice long, dark brown, thick as your hubby's beard type of hair.

Yup, losing your "YOUTH" sucks, but it beats the alternative.

Oh I forgot the ears, which is mostly for the men.

"Hey where are the tweezers and the flashlight?  I needed them, like yesterday!!!!

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Someday I pray you young ones go through this, because if you don't then that means you have passed on.  And you can still live a long life hairy as an ape.  Trust me, I know.......

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

A White Christmas, NOT!

This is as much of a White Christmas that I will get this year.

It is supposed to be about 75 degrees here in SoCal where I live.  Now I am not going to complain about that temp at all.  It is actually probably the most perfect temp that one can ever have.  Not too hot and not too cold.  As Goldilocks would say, "It is just right!".  And since I saw on the news that a good portion of the U.S. is covered in ice and snow, there is no way I would trade places.  Then again in the summer when we are over 100 degrees, they are in the 70's.  I guess the snow birds who come here have the best of both worlds.

Maybe when hubby retires in a few years, we will learn to stay with his family up in Canada during the summer, and they can come here in the winter.  But then we might join our friends and just get an RV to travel wherever we feel like going each week.

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas today.  And may it be a day of peace and love.

God bless you all!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Socks On The Ground!

Socks on the ground,
Socks on the ground,
and running, all around.

Socks climbing up the tree,
running, running free.

Socks prancing on the floor,
dancing out the door.

Socks lying on the bed,
with a pair that is red. 

Socks on the ground,
Socks on the ground,
and running, all around.

Socks sitting in the drawer,
waiting, for more.

Socks covering your feet,
keeping things discreet.

Socks keeping you nice and toasty,
everywhere, well mostly. 

Socks on the ground,
Socks on the ground,
and running, all around.

Socks chasing in the house,
dang, where is that mouse?

Socks, going somewhere,
slowly getting there.

Socks making one smile,
resting, for one last mile. 

Socks on the ground,
Socks on the ground,
and running, all around.

Socks, may he rest in peace!
1989 - 2009


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Monday, September 9, 2013


Wacky World

Sometimes when you are watching the news you see things that break your heart.  Especially when it concerns children.  In the past few weeks we have seen how Chemical Warfare has been used in Syria. And the question everyone has been asking is, "What should we do about it, if anything at all?"

Also the major question is whether their dictator Assad did it, or if the rebels did it to try and get the world to attack Assad and his military.  The news reports they have proof then they report they do not and some are not even sure if this film is current.  Seriously this is mind boggling and hard to keep up with.  Although I am not sure the Nato Inspectors have even confirmed what chemical was used and they don't know who used it or where it came from.

I really do feel a little confused or wacky as to if I should agree with the President and send a message or follow my Libertarian beliefs and stay out of it.  One minute I am ready to say send that message and then I change my mind, then I change it back again to send it.  Honestly I cannot figure it out and then the biggest thing is should we even become involved since more people have been killed by conventional weapons then were killed by the chemical ones.  As I heard someone say, "That it doesn't matter how they are killed, they are still killed."  So if we were not concerned about the over 100,000 killed, why are we so worried about the ones recently killed.

Then another part of me feels that we should have been supporting those who are trying to free their country from an oppressive dictator from the beginning.  Now they distrust us and probably hate us for not helping.  And if we help the rebels are we just helping terrorists who will someday attack us and our allies.  Seriously this is a wacky situation that probably has no easy answers.

So how about you, do you think this situation is as messed up as I do?  What would you choose to do?

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Thursday, September 5, 2013



When one has a hearing loss then one tends to pay a lot more attention to people's lips when they are talking.  Trying to learn how to read lips is fairly hard, especially when one is an adult.  But what is also hard is that you also tend to notice anything wrong or beautiful about the lips you are trying to read.  I wish I could say this made me think of my lips but it really did not.

Most women that I know wear lipstick or lipgloss whenever they are out and about.  I have never been one to do that.  When I was younger I would wear a little lip gloss but not really much lipstick.  I think I just never really liked how it made my lips feel.  Lipstick made them sticky and almost like a coating of something yucky was on them, lipgloss was almost the same way but I could put a very thin coat of it was it was okay for an hour or two.  So pretty much most of my life my lips have been au natural.

Recently I have discovered something that all women who are so sick and tired of constantly putting lipstick on all day should be happy to try.  It is "Lip Stain" which stains your lips themselves instead of just putting a color on the outside of one's lips.  You can put the Lip Stain on your lips and hours later you will still have color on your lips.  When you first put it on it feels like regular lipstick but when the coating wears off, you are still left with nice color and no one is the wiser that you no longer have Lipstick on.  I love this stuff.  Even a man could wear this if he wants his lips to have some color.  It only takes a few minutes to stain your lips and so a man could put it on for a few minutes and then wipe it off and wah la his lips have color but he has no lipstick on and no one is the wiser.

I like to use Avon's Lip Stain Marker through their Avon line and also through the Avon "Mark" Collection.  I prefer the "Mark" Collection Lip stain because it lasts longer but at the same time it is more expensive. I think that either one is great and if you have not tried it then give it a chance.  Your lips will love you for it and if anyone is trying to read your lips then the person reading them will appreciate it.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Chills From Iced Coffee

I have never really been a coffee drinker, well until I discovered Iced Coffee.  Although I do like Chai Latte but I am not sure if that is part of the "Coffee" family or as I think it is part of the "Tea" family.  I love my teas and have never really been interested in coffee.  Then one of our daughters bought us a Keurig Coffee Maker and so I felt that I should at least try and use it.  It just seems like buying the little K-Cups for tea is a waste of money.  So I have tried many flavors of the coffee that is sold in the K-Cups and only seemed able to drink it if I added a lot of hot chocolate mix with the coffee.  Although I think I seem to be drinking Hot Chocolate with some coffee.

Then I saw something about Iced Coffee last summer and tried it but wasn't really sure if I liked it.  But at that time I had not tried those flavored "Coffee Creamers" which this winter I was adding them to my chocolate coffees.  There is a whole world of Coffee Creamers with all their different flavors.  

I was scrolling through my sidebar and saw this posting about Iced Coffee.  So then I thought I would give it another try.  Since then I have gone crazy with drinking it everyday.  And because you make such a large quantity of coffee to keep in the fridge it is easy to make each day.  And no hot water is used in the making of this coffee.  From what I can understand making coffee with cold water keeps the acid levels down which is supposed to make the coffee taste better.  I guess I would have to ask all you coffee experts to let me know about this one.  

If you go visit here then you can read directions on how to make Iced Coffee.  You can also go to the Pioneer Woman's website and look it up.  I do make her version of where she adds Sweetened Condensed Milk to my Iced Coffee along with the Coffee Creamer.  Yummy!!!!!  I hope you give it a try and see if it cools you down a bit, well actually a lot.

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