Monday, February 2, 2009

Is This!

Is this all I will see?
The light shinning on my back
each and every day.
Bits and pieces of sand that I must move
to help the others like me.

Is this all I will need?
Bits and pieces of food I find
here, there, and everywhere.
I know that I must share,
but, sometimes, oh how I feel the greed.

Is this all my life will be?
Working non-stop, is all that I know.
Busy, busy, busy, who is watching this show?
Why are those large eyes constantly looking?
What they hope to see is beyond me.

Is this the only place that I can go?
I have searched for someway to get free.
But I have learned to accept it all, you see,
My life in this ant farm, for my family and me,
Will be the only life I will ever know.

Okay, I know this is short and maybe a little silly, but I had fun anyway.

Hope you do too.


  1. I liked your poem! It was fun trying to guess what your subject was. I guessed ants and was pretty close. Good job! This was a fun project. I worked long hours the last two days so am now catching up on my blog reading. Happy Feb. 2

  2. Thank you. I am glad that you had fun. Me too.

    Yes, it is an ant, living in an ant farm, I was trying to figure out what one of them would be thinking. I am not even sure how I decided to write about that, but somehow it just appeared.

    I think I like to write "rhymes" for some reason. I always found that to be sometimes more of a challenge. It seems to be harder sometimes to rhyme and keep it on the same story line.

    I was reading some of the others poems and I think poetry is so beautiful. This was a lot of fun and I think all that particpated had fun, even if it was not their poem that they posted. Think of all the poems some had to read, just to find the "one" they wanted to post.

    Now that we know about this, maybe I will try to write more poetry instead of just rhymes. And I think that some sites just seem like every day is beautiful poetry when they are writing their thoughts.

  3. It was not silly and really nice poem you had. So dude keep blogging!

  4. I loved the Antz movie and this was a great poem. I can see the little ants gleaning and, of course, it is also applicable to my own mundane existence.


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