Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Next Blog" Journey

I have started clicking on the "Next Blog" that is on top of my blog site.

I have come across many blogs that I cannot read because these are blogs from all over the world. I can look at the pictures that are on these sites and it has been an interesting journey. I am not sure if sometimes I feel sorta like a "peeping tom" or not, but at the same time I know that if they are posting these pictures on a public blog site that they have to know that anyone can see them. So I have decided that it is okay for me to look at them.

I feel that I am traveling to many places in the world that I will never see in my everyday life. I have left comments for many of them to let them know I have stopped by for a visit and chat. I have enjoyed their pictures, even the ones where I could not understand what was written. On many of these sites, the written letters, in a language I could not understand was in itself beautiful to look at.

I truly hope that they have been able to understand my messages and some have stopped by to visit my site. I really need to add pictures if I am going to be able to communicate with some of them with just viewing each others pictures, so I will have to work on that. The majority of my pictures are of my grandchildren and I know their moms as well as I would not be happy to have them posted for all to see. But I see so many family pictures on this journey I have started, that I almost feel I should. Will have to think about this one, maybe I can post pictures of my cats, they will never know. I cannot even believe I was able to post this picture. This is my cat Joey, who is a Ragdoll cat, which means when we pick him up he goes limp just like a ragdoll, he is a very trusting cat.

I just wanted to thank all who have let me take this journey and visit them for a few minutes, and those who have returned the favor.


  1. Hi Sherry!

    All these interesting people here, it's amazing, huh? At first I couldn't figure out how to find anybody except clicking on the "next blog" button, which seems kind of tedious at times. Now that I've added a whole lot of interests to my profile I am able to connect with people who share similar views. Much easier! :)

    I was always wondering why they call those kitties "rag doll". There. Learned something. AGAIN! ;)

    I think it's a good idea to be a little careful about posting too much private information - it is a public space accessible from anywhere by anybody after all.
    But there are ways around that: kitties, pottery, home cooked meals, illustrations all make great subject matter. That way one is not doing a "virtual striptease" - if I may... :-o

  2. Good job at posting up "Ragdoll kitty." Christina's advice about not posting to much identifiable info from photos or other means is very good. There are lots of subjects that you can capture and post. I have gotten to where I carrn my camera with me all of the time. Whenever I see something interesting, I just click away and it gives me an idea for a blog. Or if already have an idea for a blog, I may see something on my way to work that will punctuate my theme. Also, there are sites like Photobucket and Shutterfly where you can find all kinds of photos to download for your projects. Just make sure to give the artist/author credit for their work.


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