Thursday, February 12, 2009

Theme Thursday..........Fish


I do not fish,
I do not know why,
I do not like the texture,
I do not like the taste,
I do not like the smell,
I do not gut the fish,
I do not cook fish,
I do not name my fish.


I feed my fish,
I watch my fish,
I use fish for my screen saver,
I even talk to my fish,
I enjoy my fish,
I watch others eat fish,
I flush my fish,
I have even petted my fish,
I clean the tank for my fish,
I save fish.


I will never, ever eat fish.


  1. Hi Mrsupole. I like to eat fish you know. Do you like it?

    Take care and god bless.

  2. there are those that eat fish and those that don't

    thanks mrsupole for playing theme thursday!

  3. Sorry, did you say 'flush' your fish?
    You don't surely you?..

  4. I don't have any fish, but when I did, I talked to them, too! :)

  5. I had a gold fish that lived well over 12 years. He started turning a silvery color. No lie! He finally died long after his other tenants in the tank, Iggy, Ziggy, and Bob Marley. He was Bob. I took the tank down after that. Maybe someday...

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for my fish comments.

    I used to eat some fish years ago, but somewhere and sometime I just stopped. I have heard that if everyone keeps eating fish at the current rate of consumption that within a certain amount of years, there will be no more fish left to eat. So I feel it is my duty to not eat any fish and save them. Plus I have had my fish tank with fish in them for over 20 years, so that is why I cannot eat my "pets". Maybe that is why I stopped eating fish. But I'm okay with others that eat fish.

    Thank you mouse (aka Kimy) for letting me participate. It was fun, not sure how I did, but it was from my heart.

    Hi Cinnamon,
    Yes, I do mean that I flush them. When we first got our fish tank and the first fish died, we panicked about what to do. I called the pet store and they told us that the thing to do was to flush them down the toilet, so we had a little "burial" ceremony, my daughters were preteens at the time, and then we flushed. We continued this until they were teenagers and so I have still continued the process. Now I have done this a few times with the grandkids, but usually they are not here when any of the fish die. So I do it alone. I stopped the ceremony and just say "Good-by" to which ever fish died. Some of my fish have lived for a few years and some only a few weeks. Some get eaten and just disappear. I have learned to not get upset anymore. I feed them everyday and have never missed a day that I can remember (for vacations I do put feeders in). So that is a lot of fish feeding days that I have had. Over 22 years, 365 days a year. Yup a lot of fish feeding days.

    Hi Megan,
    Try to get some more fish again, I always keep a Beta Fighting Fish in a seperate fish bowl, they do not need a tank or a pump, but only one per container. I keep a large vase with live bamboo growing in it with one Beta fish in it. I keep it on the mantle and when a new visitor comes over and sees it, they are usually surprised. They do not expect to see the fish in there. I am not sure if the fish "hear" but they do see, when I walk up to the vase, the Beta goes to the top of the water and waits for his food. Even the ones in the tank do this. They get upset if they do not get their food. My granddaughter has a Beta tank with a divider and has two Beta's, my other grandkids have their own tanks, I guess I am passing this down to them. But they do eat fish. Sigh!

    You never cease to amaze me, 12 years, that is awesome. I thought I had done good with one living almost 4 years. I never buy gold fish for some reason. I just buy tropical fish and a lot of Tetras. Beta's are one of my favorites. And the reason I do not name them is because my one grandson started naming them and then within a few weeks they die. He is forbidden to do this anymore. He still tries. He thinks it is funny and I just think he had better stop. I pay a fairly good amount for my fish and want to keep them for as long as possible. That is amazing to have a fish for that long. I have heard that Koi fish can live a long, long time, longer than most humans. Fish are amazing.

    I am a huge Bob Marley fan. May both Bob's rest in peace. Iggy and Ziggy too. Although my dog Scotty lived for 18 years. I still miss him. He was a long haired minature Daschund. We got him when hubby was stationed in Panama.


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