Thursday, February 19, 2009

Theme Thursday..........Library


When most people hear the word library, they think of a building with rows and rows of shelves containing books. But a library can hold more than just books.

A library is just a collection. A collection of anything that is similar or has something in common. A library contains information.

A library can be public or private.

A library can be large or small.

How do I feel when I hear the word library. I think of books. Lots and lots of books. When I was going to school, I was awe struck by all the books. I did not own any books. Now I own a lot of books. Books held stories, and they could be fiction or non-fiction. I never cared what they held. I just wanted to read every book in my school library. During 6th grade, at my elementary school of that time, I almost accomplished this. Now as an adult I realize how small that school library actually was. But as an 11 year old, it seemed enormous to me. I loved reading and so I loved the library.

My daughters will tell you that I have a library in my house. I guess in many ways that you could say that I have a very small library. And yes I have to say I own more than a few hundred books. I have run out of room to store them and so have been giving them away, not as fast as I buy them. So I have slowed down in the last few years because of this.

I do not buy all my books. People that I know give me a lot of books. It seems that they know how much I read. I have given many books to other people too. My local thrift store has gotten boxes and boxes of books from me over the years. I love the used book store and can easily walk out with another box of books. But I have had to stop that practice.

The funny thing is, my largest collection of books, consists of cookbooks. I rarely cook anymore. With just two people to cook for, and with my husband coming home late from work, I am cooking less and less. Do I get rid of my cookbooks? Well, no. I think, someday I will cook again. Maybe I need a peanut butter and jelly cookbook. When I do cook we have leftovers to eat for a few days. But I have discovered that Costco sells a lot of food already prepared. I just have to heat it up in the microwave. Yes, maybe someday.

So back to library, I have discovered that my computer is probably the biggest library of all. It contains a collection of libraries. So for the last year I have been reading things on the computer. It stores everything for me. I only have to open it up and there it is.

But after researching the word library, I have discovered that I have a DVD library, a CD library, a kitchen gadget library, a clothes library, and other things I have qualify as a library.

I just love the word library.
A Library!
A library is a place for me.
A library has books you see.
A library gives me lots of help.
A library teaches me about myself.
A library lets me look and look.
A library wants back the book I took.
A library has little sound.
A library is a place to look around.
A library is full of wonder.
A library is a place to ponder.
A library has many things.
A library makes my heart sing.


  1. I easily have a problem of coming back from a used book shop with too many books. I make myself give away the same number I bring back. So at least they fit on my shelves! Nice post.

  2. A kitchen gadget library... Really, we can say that. Well, well, well, then I have a really big library in my house !!! Glad to see I'm not alone to have cookbook even if we found a lot of good recipes on the net.

  3. Nice post and a nice celebration of the word library!

  4. Thank you Willow, I too am trying to learn that if two come in two go out. It is hard but I am working on it. Used books stores are wonderful. I find books where previous owners have written notes in the book and they are little treasures to find. THanks again.

  5. Hi Mariane, yes you do have a big collection of kitchen gadgets, it is a library because they are similiar, you keep them in one area, like books they get used and returned, and sometimes loaned out.

    The computer is probably the biggest library out there, because it has more information and books on it than any one building has. Was amazed to see that one on there.

    Thank you for visiting my site. Am thinking of doing a Wednesday Recipe day where we can all share family recipes on my site or post on your own and leave a link there. Please let me know what you think. And if any others would want to join in. Thank you.

  6. Hi Candie Bracci,

    Thank you for the visit and thank you for the compliment. I tried hard with that word, but it was fairly easy cause I love books. If you would like to join in on Wednesday Recipe day just let me know. Thanks again.

  7. Excellent! I really enjoyed your musings!

  8. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed them. I enjoyed the memories. And you too are invited to join me on Wednesday for Recipe Day. Will be like making another cookbook from blogging friends. Just a thought if everyone wants to participate and join in.

  9. When starting my own post I was in quite a quandary if I should wax on about my other libraries, like my dvd library or my music library, both of which are not as well looked after as my book library. But I settled on the usual image that comes to mind, the book one.

    Anyway, I like your poem. All very true.

  10. wonderful and your homage to the library made my heart sing!

  11. Hi Cuppa Jo,

    Me too, I did not even know I had other libraries, so was good info to find out.
    Thank you about the poem, I like rhymes for some reason. Goes back to Mary had a little lamb, I think. If you want to join in on Wednesday Recipe day, just let me know. It is just sharing simple good recipes with each other.

    Thank you again.

  12. Thank you mouse (aka Kimy),

    High praise is so nice and makes me soar. Loved your post and pictures. Awesome.

  13. really enjoyed the little poem in the end :-)

    Take care
    peace and love

  14. I am glad, I actually enjoyed writing it. They take a while to write, but I enjoy the challenge of making something rhyme while saying something worthwhile. So thank you for the compliment. The invitation is out for you too to join me on Wednesday with a Recipe. It is out for all to join. Please consider it.

    God Bless you.

  15. Cool way to see a library in a modern light.

  16. I liked the poem at the end as well. So light-hearted!

    And recipe Wednesday sounds like a good idea. I will be back...

  17. What an interesting take on libraries . . in that case I have many too . . not perhaps as well organised as the public versions but collections nonetheless.

  18. Excellent post. My computer is my library I guess.

  19. I loved your poem too- and your thoughts about books and libraries- glad you heart is singing:)

    ps i havn't made many visits to you because for some reason my computer finds it difficult to load your blog :)

  20. Mrsupole from grade 1-3 you could find me alone in a corner with a book to read. I just crawl inside and become one with the story. Meld into the book itself. No worries. And you can never have enough books, tho' when it comes time to move...I have one of 7 copies of the family cookbook( mostly Grandma's recipes )I can add to it my own,if I wish. Too, wonderful poem at the end, here. A very enjoyable posting.

  21. Nice to meet you MrsU.,
    I am such a nosy one. I was looking very carefully at the titles on the books on your library shelf. I see you are an eclectic (sp.?) reader.
    Thanks for stopping by Auntie's blog.

  22. kitchen gadget library eh?
    if thats possible, I guess I've got a button library

    (um... as well as quite a few other kinds of library...)

  23. Lovely posting. Thanks for visiting my Blog.

  24. it's true ! the word Library is loaded with so many preconceptions!Your right,Its really a state of mind:a concept.


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