Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday..........Life's About!!!

PIE? I want cake!

I made it to Costco again today, only because my doctor's office is just across the street. I had to go pick up something there. My hubby called and said would I like to meet him there. Of course, spending money is my way of helping get our economy back on its feet.

I also wanted to buy some Epsom Salts for when I am soaking in my Jacuzzi bathtub. Someone told me that soaking in epsom salts will help my aching muscles in my back. I am willing to try most things at least once, so I figured that Costco would sell a larger box than the grocery store.

So I am in Costco, over by the frozen chicken breasts, checking out what is new in that section. Then I see it, Apple Raspberry Slab Pie from Martha Stewart. I have to find out about this "Slab Pie". What the heck is a slab pie? I have never heard of this before. It looks more like a cake, but it has three kinds of raspberries and a flaky crust. I ask hubby if he wants to try it and next thing I know it is in our cart.

We got the rest of our items, which was mostly fresh fruit, got in line, paid, and then came home. It said to keep this slab pie frozen until we are ready to bake it and serve. I just looked at it and took it along with the shredded beef and put them in our deep chest freezer. It will probably sit in that freezer until my husband finds it again and decides he wants to eat it. Or maybe when I run out of chocolate cake and decide that I will settle for a pie.

But what am I eating right now, a piece of pie from CoCo's, my grandson had to have pie when we went there on Friday. Chocolate Lover's Pie was on sale and so hubby bought one for our grandson. He ate one piece and was done with the pie, hubby ate none.

Now I am stuck eating pie when I would rather have cake because I do not want to see the pie go to waste. What is it that they see in pie. I rarely want a piece of pie. Hubby always wants pie for dessert when we are in restaurants. I rarely eat dessert in a restaurant. But at home I love to sneak a piece of chocolate cake every now and then.

So pie versus cake, no contest, cake wins every time. So when I hear that line; "Let them eat cake!", I just say yummmmmmm.


  1. Any type of cake is good for me. Chocolate cake is the best kind.

  2. I am more of a cookie type, myself. So thanks for the recipe and let me know how the slab pie is when you try it. I've never heard of one either.


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