Monday, June 22, 2009

"The Freedom Seed" for the Iranian Freedom Fighters

illustration provided by Christina's Outlet

The Freedom Seed

I found this spider inside my bathtub circling around,
Searching for a way out, which could not be found.
Crawling in circles, constantly trying to climb up the side,
Looking in vain for someplace in which to hide.

I watched this spider for a short while, amazed at his effort to keep trying.
Then I thought about the people in Iran protesting, the rocks flying,
Searching for an answer, hoping against hope, in their freedom quest.
Will this make a difference, will others help them, in this test?

I wondered if they felt as alone as this spider, with no help on the way.
I felt as alone as they must, wanting to help, I must say.
But not knowing what I could do on my own.
I felt as the spider must have done, thinking my thoughts, all alone.

Will anyone come to their rescue, before more protestors get hurt by the government,
Who is now falsely elected, claiming that their God has sent
Them the power to force upon their people, their lies and deceit.
Hurting their own people, protesting the false vote, in their city street.

How did the spider get into this place of futility?
Was he crawling around on his own, full of complacency?
Did he just fall into this deep and empty place, that was now a trap,
By thinking that he was safe, by crawling as if in a nap?

Did the protestors trust their government leaders to count their vote
Truthfully, even if they lost, so that the world would take note,
That they had the dignity, to do the right thing,
Knowing that God and their people were watching and hoping?

I sat there, still watching the spider and thinking my thoughts.
Could we end up like the spider, falling, calling, with no one to hear our shouts?
Losing our freedom, this thing we take for granted, while others fight,
Willing to die, hoping one day to see the light.

The light of freedom, to do what is right for everyone, the light to see,
That everyone has the right to choose, the right to just be.
The right to be free, from tyranny. And control freaks, I want to say.
The thieves who steal and lie to control their people this way.

When I knew that the spider had no chance to get away, I felt sorry for it.
I wanted to help to free the spider, but I was afraid to get bit,
So I turned on the faucet to send it on it's way, down the drain.
I knew this was cruel, and yes, I feel the shame.

Do you wonder if by not helping the protestors, are we sending them to the same fate?
Will they disappear down the drain, forgotten. Then on some later date,
Meeting their end by the hands of a world who stood on by,
Doing nothing, afraid to get bit, not willing to try.

Are we any better than the evil dictators who kill at their whim right now?
If we silently watch this happen, are we the same somehow?
I want to be different, I want to protect our freedom and theirs too.
I just do not know what it is that we can all do.

Where are our leaders who we voted in, to do the right thing in a time of need?
Why are they so silent, when they see the beginning of a freedom seed?
Why are we so silent, when these people need our help on this day?
I am writing this and hope all of you will send it on it's way.

To everyone who appreciates Freedom and those who know,
By planting and nurturing this tiny freedom seed, we will help it grow,
Into the largest and most fruitful plant, of which no one does own.
So others, like the protestors, will experience the freedom we have known.

I also hope the spider forgives me and the protestors forgive us all.
For we have not answered their shouts, their freedom call.
We need to let the protestors know that come what may,
We stand beside them, we hear them, we hear what they say.
Written by Mrsupole.


  1. wow. beautifully written though provoking post. it's been on my mind the last couple days as i watch the ticker slip off the screen with the latest death tolls. killed to silence the voices. would that we never find ourselves there, having to resort to violence to make our cries heard, but with complacency all is possible.

    hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Thank you Brian, I just had a need to do something and this was the only thing I figured I could do. I hope you will e-mail a copy of it to everyone too and encourage them to e-mail to others. Maybe if enough people see this then it will find its way to someone who can do what we cannot.

    And thank you, yes we had a barbeque here on Saturday for the kids and grandkids. It was great to have shared a nice day wtih them. And thank you for the award, I will post it soon.

    God bless.

  3. Mrsupole, I look at the other side of this and it doesn't bode well. I've seen it too often. I do pray that what may happen, won't; but 'tis no use kidding our-selves. These people have been oppressed for 7,000+ years! And Turkey is just waiting for a chance at revenge...

  4. Amazing what one can achieve with their heart!This is truly beautiful and I'm going to send it around.

  5. Hi subt,
    I know how you feel, but maybe Turkey will not take out revenge on the protestors and maybe they will help them. I do hope you share this in your e-mail. This is our way of protesting and not keeping silent. It is something for us to do.

    Hi Candie,
    I am glad you like it and I really do appreciate and thank you so much for sending it around. If everyone shares this, then maybe the world leaders will do something. I almost thought about turning it into a petition for everyone to sign and when it got enough signatures for people to send it in to their leaders. But if this helps people to just do something then I will have accomplished what I could.

    God bless you and God bless all who you send it to. And God bless the protesters and may God keep them safe.

  6. Hello. Trotted across from Brian's blog. Your words are spot on. Could I post links for people to visit you and read it for themselves?
    Great blog by the way.

  7. Hi Valerie,

    Nice to meet you. Yes you could post links for them to visit and read it, you also have my permission to make a copy and post it on your site. I am asking everyone to also e-mail out a copy, because I think the more that see it the louder our voices will become. Thank you for being willing to share it.

    God bless.

  8. linked you and promo-ed it in my post i just put up. would have copied and pasted but it got jumbled and i am short on time right this second to make the adjustments. thanks for all you do!

  9. I am not a George Bush fan by any means, but the plan for Iraq was to establish a democracy in order to cause unrest in some of the other bordering nations that were not so free. I am still a skeptic, but would gladly admit that I was wrong if it works!

  10. And Talking of Webs (?!) Have you seen This blogspot currently posting from Iran?

  11. Well, I can't add much to what everyone else had said except to say ditto, beautifully written and it really gives me pause... what can we do?

  12. Oh, Sherry. What a wonderful job you have done with this. Thank you for all of your work and love. Love and peace. Love and peace.

  13. Great writing. I think our government is allowing the people of Iran to work out their own problems. Having the US involved could be very dangerous for them. The government can then say it is a US staged revolution and kill all involved. I heard from a man on John Stewart last night, whose father was arrested, that Americans (not our government) should write individual letters to the government of Iran in protest.

    Thanks for this writing. I am also worried about them.

  14. Mrsupole, you are just so good! Your heart is completely pure. Thank you for being here on the earth at this moment in history.

    I've had that same spider dilemma. Sometimes I scoop them into a glass and put them outside, sometimes I wash them down the drain. I figure they're OK with whatever happens. Spiders aren't as anxious as we are (I think, anyway). Please don't feel any shame in this. The spider met its maker, that's all. We all will one day.

    As for the situation in Iran, I don't know what to think or how to help or whether it's any of my business. Having a global community is great in some ways, but bewildering in others. Most of us Americans don't have a clue about Persian culture or history so in interfering, I'm not sure we could know for certain how to be helpful.

    Watching it play out on TV is awful, though.

  15. Hi Mrsupole,
    My name is shiva.I am an Iranian girl.I found your blog on my dear friend's blog, Parisa.I read all what you wrote.I am just speachless.I do not know how to express my eyes are full of tears and my heart aches..I can just say thank you...thank you for your heart.I do not know you,you do not know me as well,but I feel a strong connection between our hearts.It made me and my people feel better,to see all the kind and pure heart people are beside us!are supporting us,are..I ...just cant write anymore..tears dont allow me to write more.freedom for Iran...

  16. Hi again Mrsupole,
    Thank you again for your writing and your sweet comment.You are very kind and caring my friend.God bless you.

  17. Her PEOPLE?? she art student in Malaysia. sick. go home fight.

  18. I came as requested Mrsupole. My heart is heavy with bewilderment.
    We can't share their lives but we can share their hope for fairness, democracy, freedom and peace. I pray nightly.

  19. I am so sorry I missed this! You have given voice to many things I feel. Thank you, Mrsupole.

  20. Hello Sherry

    Isn't this just great? I'm so happy to have found a like minded soul in you.

    I've actually prepared an image to download as I am hoping to pass on our message of hope and courage.

    Here's what you do:
    - copy and paste the following link into your browser window:

    - right mouse click the image
    - select "save image as"
    - select a directory on your computer
    - click "save"

    Then you'll be able to upload the picture just like you do with your photos on your computer.

    If you are having trouble ask me, I'll help you.

    I am definitely using your poem. I am creating another graphic just now and I'll post it with that one!

    Thank you so much for your support!

  21. Whohoo! Love it, love it, LOVE IT! :D

  22. smiles. glad to see the responses you received. you may never know where it has traveled or who it has touched. the graphic is nice, all the color, simple. thank you for raising your voice. friend.


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