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Theme Thursday...........SHOE

Opal Nation14

I took a step closer. I knew I had better try to touch it now or I would never do it. Just a few inches closer. I jabbed my finger into it quickly and my finger was wet. The puddle was real. I screamed out loud, "It's real, it's real." I knew then that last night had been real and the icicle had melted. I almost started to do a little dance. Mother had been here, she had been sitting in the rocking chair, trying to warn Ben and I about something. Just then my maid came running into the room.

"What's wrong? Why did you scream?", she asked me.

I showed her the puddle and said, "It's real, just look at the puddle of water here, it is real."

She put her hands on her hips and just stood there staring at me. She then walked over to the other side of the rocker and picked up the vase and the flowers that had fallen off the little table by the rocking chair and told me, "Of course it is real. I always put water in the vase to keep the flowers fresh.

" I felt so stupid and just wanted to crawl into a hole. I needed to find Ben, maybe he would remember if he had come into my room. I quickly finished getting dressed and ran down the stairs to find Clara. My maid had gone to get a mop to clean up the puddle of water. It had to of been real, that was all I kept thinking to myself. I had really seen Mother and the room had turned so cold. Yes, Ben would know. But right now I needed to eat. My stomach was growling and I almost felt hungry enough to finally eat those eggs if Clara put them in front of me. Almost, although I knew deep down that if she only put eggs on the table that I would still not be able to eat them.

I went into the dinning room and a few minutes later Clara brought me some lunch along with a look. She always worried about me whenever I slept later than nine in the morning. I knew she wanted to see if I was sick and check to see if I had a fever. But then I started to eat the sandwich so fast that she walked out with a smile on her face. She believed that if one was sick than one would not feel like eating, so when she saw me eating so fast, she knew that I was not sick. I wondered where Ben was right now.

He had probably already eaten his lunch because he was not one to skip eating and usually would go into the kitchen and look for something to snack on. Cook always had snacks for Ben. I would go get some of those snacks when I was really nervous and then take them into the library or den and sit there eating, worrying about whatever was bothering me. Lately though, I was trying to lose weight and had not been snacking or eating that much. This is probably why I was so hungry.

After I had finished eating I went looking for Ben. I checked around the house but Ben was no where to be found. I had called his cell phone a few times, but he had not answered. He usually answered, so after a few hours I began to worry. What was he doing that he did not answer his cell phone? I really needed to talk to him and find out if last night was real or just a dream. I almost went to the kitchen to get a snack, but I thought I would go weigh myself. I stepped on the scale and then saw that I had only lost one pound. Well it was a good thing I had stayed out of the kitchen.

Maybe I should call the Professor to see if he could meet me at his office tomorrow morning. He did not answer his phone either and so I left him a message. I then decided to go for a walk. I grabbed my cell phone to take with me and went looking for my walking shoes. I always wore my Asics Gel's when I went walking. I knew that if I went to the Opal Nation that I would be walking for long distances and so I had found that the Asics Gel's made my feet hurt the least after I had taken long walks. I had tried out about ten pairs of shoes before I had come across these shoes and was very happy with how little my feet hurt when I would take long walks.

As I was walking along the pathway, my friend Jason was jogging towards me. He stopped when we reached each other and started walking with me. I told him what had happened and that I was not sure if it was real or not. He laughed at me when I told him the part about the puddle. I then realized how crazy I sounded and started laughing too. Then my cell phone rang, I thought it was Ben, but when I looked, it was the Professor's number that was calling me.

I stopped walking and just stood there staring at it. Jason stopped laughing and I knew he wondered what was wrong. So I answered the phone.

For those who missed part 13, here is the link. Which also links to part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.


  1. I had tried out about ten pairs of shoes before I had come across these shoes... I would have given up and gone barefoot. Thanks for the slice of real life. -Jayne

  2. Now I need to go back and read the previous episodes. You know how to hook your readers!

  3. Sounds like I need to get me a pair of those Asic's Gels, MrsU! Great story, as usual.


  4. argggh! another amazing cliff hanger! oh you need to get to feeling better soon. if i don't get another story Thursday my week will not be complete.

  5. I prefer to go barefoot!!

    Hope you are feeling better each and every day!

  6. Feel better! the cliff hanger...again!

  7. The Professor calling? Where's Ben, I wonder... This is going full force, Mrsupole! But you keep getting me with the cliff-hangers, ach!

  8. Asics, eh? How much did you make for Opal Nation product placement? Excellent addition to the story, as always!

  9. Very good, as ever. Hope you're feeling heaps better.

  10. Nice to see I'm not the only one who zaps the readers with cliff-hanger endings

  11. Great story. Can't wait for the next part. Hope you are feeling better.

  12. Great episode, Sherry. You got me with the spilled vase of flowers. I will do coning for you tonight.

  13. P.S. You CAN do it for yourself!

  14. Hi Mrsupole! How are you feeling? I hope you are doing well. Every day should get better.

    I know everyone gets upset when we publish on Wed night but if I do not, I cannot get it on the blog til late Thursday due to work. Soooo, there you are. Silver Fox says there is some way to set the post to publish at midnight but I have not figured that out.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

  15. Asic Gel's the shoes of champions (well chubby dog walkers anyway!) Great post again leaving us wanting more. Hope the shoulder isn't giving you too much grief. @Cali, if you're on blogger there's a little tag at the bottom of the 'create post' page that lets you set a publishing time. . but I cheated this week as well! *smacks back of own hand*

  16. another great chapter to this story

  17. thinking of you - I hope the shoulder is fixing...

  18. It's so good to see you back,hope you recover real quick.


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