Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kind Blogger Award

I Love Awards!
I have received this award from Crone and Bear It,
And so here in front of my computer screen I do sit,
Thinking and thinking who I also want to give this to.
There are so many, I know not what I should do.

I have been thinking for the past few days of how kind Linda was to give this to me.
I was so thankful that she thought of me and I was one, on a list of three.
I have been so lucky to have found so many kind blogging buddies on the internet.
Their kindness amazes me so much and I am so glad for each I have met.

I want to give this to Ronda, she was the first to leave me a comment present one day.
This was one surprise present that I was not expecting, thankfulness does not even begin to say,
How I felt after seeing my post say I had 1 comment that I had not made granddaughter write to me.
I have tried to remember that kindness and leave those first comments for others I see.

And dear sweet Cinnamon who helped me with Mr Linky, with directions I could understand.
And since then I have been able to help a few others, I tried to be like her and give a helping hand.
Auntie showed me how to post a picture by saving it into a folder.
With her help I have been able to post some, thank you, I have told her.

Subtorp has been a rhyming friend, who has taught me so much, to do this with no fear,
I sometimes wonder if he realizes that the things he continues to do, make him such a dear.
Brian spreads his love of family to include us all, his words say it with such kindness,
But from what I have read about how much he loves his wife and boys, I expect no less.

Baino who always makes me laugh, which I really need and treasure,
Who's Friday's *uckwit's, are stories that really are beyond measure.
Megan is another who lives in Southern California but lives in different county and town,
Posts so many stories about living here, and the way she does often takes away my frown.

Okay, I had better stop because I have given this to seven, which is four more than I was told.
My list of bloggers who deserve this kindness award would go on but I must stop and hold.
I want to also include all of those from Theme Thursday, but know that I cannot,
And I have some others to put on my list, I have had kindness given to me by quite a lot.

But alas, I will leave this to those listed, to pass this award on to others I am sure,
Because this Kindness Award should go to so many who's hearts are so kind and pure,
That they share their kindness with everyone that I am sure they do meet.
And to this day, I am so thankful I had the pleasure from here to greet.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cee If You Like It!

The letter C it is for this week.

C is the third letter of the English Alphabet, a consonant, an average grade in school, and is the Roman number for 100. I am not sure if the letter C actually is the first word under C or if it is Caaba (Kaaba) which means a small cube-shaped building in the Great Mosque at Mecca. The last word under C is Czechoslovakian, which is someone who inhabits or is a native to Czechoslovakia or one who speaks their language.

Let's Cee if I can find 10 words under this letter. I think I will have no problem because in my large dictionary there are over 100 pages for the letter C.

Clean...This is something that I no longer like to do on a regular basis in my house.
So I have been getting in the habit of leaving the cleaning of the dishes to the spouse.

Cement...The family room has no carpet anymore and now I have a cement floor.
It is very hard on one's feet, so I put a carpet runner up to the door.

Cat...My two cats are always wanting in or out and have turned me into their private doorman.
One a gray tabby, the other a ragdoll, are the pets of our clan.

Consumer...I have learned that I can find websites to go online and shop.
I can stay up shopping for hours until I feel like I am going to drop.

Cooking...This is something that I sometimes like to do.
But going to a restaurant is more fun for me and you.

Camera...I really have been trying to learn how to use one that is digital, come what may.
I have even been able to post some pictures, that I can say.

Curly...I have what is considered very curly hair, to brush sometimes is hard for me.
The snarls come right back, and so I always have to use leave-in conditioners, you see.

Content...We go through life searching for what will make this happen someday.
It is easier if the skies are blue, instead of when the skies are gray.

Crystal...I learned a lot about these on our Theme Thursday, and Candie wrote a lot.
I am not sure if they have any special powers or if they do not.

Cultivate...I need to get out in the back yard and work on the garden to plant things to grow.
But so far, even with it already being spring, I have nothing to show.

Containers...This is somewhere I need to put all of the stuff I have bought.
But I sometimes wonder if it will ever happen, I worry it will not.

Comfort...This is the current favorite type of food that we seem to need right now.
But why do we want this type of food to make us feel happy, we eat it and say wow.

Christ...It is in him that I have chosen to put my faith and love with all my heart.
And someday I plan to see him, it will be when from this world I do depart.

Chopsticks...I should replace my spoon and fork with these two little pieces of wood.
Their use to me is a mystery and by doing this I would lose weight, which would be good.

Cash...I know every year we have less because of the taxes the government does take.
So hubby has to work so much overtime to be able to pay all the bills each month we make.

Okay I know that I did more than ten,
But is that really a sin.
So I hope that you readers like them all,
It really was fun, I had quite a ball.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back on Wifi!

I'm So Happy!

I could not get online with my laptop and was an unhappy camper yesterday.
I was on the phone with support technicians for many hours of the day.
They told me to do this and to do that, these things they thought I should.
Nothing worked, the laptop would not work, I thought I had done all that I could.

I was ready to give up and lost as to what was wrong, why I was unable to fix this wifi thing.
The technicians I needed to talk to were no longer answering when the phone did ring.
The networking business that controls my wifi system was closed for the night.
How would I fix it, would my laptop ever be back online, would I see that signal light.

It was the end of the day and I was able to get on the desktop for a little while.
But this was not an answer to the problem, this would not make me smile.
So I figured I might as well give up and watch those DVR recordings I wanted to see.
Usually I can do both, watch the shows and play on my computer, this is great for me.

So I parked myself on my couch and turned that TV on, I took the remote and went click.
That big screen brought up a scene from a show, the one that I did pick.
I was enjoying my shows, and after they were over, I thought it was best to go to bed.
Tomorrow was another day and I had to write a post that I was seeing things in red.

So after I awoke, someone was on the main computer playing his game.
I had to wait to give the wifi fix another try, so today would be more of the same.
Then we had to go shopping to buy some milk, and end up with a full cart.
Put the food away where it belongs, then I could sit down and do my fixing part.

I made the call again and they close earlier on Saturdays, I could give up or try on my own.
After everything I had leaned from those techs, I figured my fixing skills had grown.
So I put the laptop very near to the desktop, so the two would be able to talk together.
They were silent in their conversation with each other, but I heard not even one letter.

I then pulled up all the help topics and printed them all out.
I started reading them all, I wanted to find out what it was all about.
I put two and two together and came up with three, I had to delete, then reboot it all in.
It still was not working correctly, but something did hit me, click this, then this one again.

Print more instructions, read them some more, do this, do that, change this and that.
Finally after another few hours, they were talking to each other, and there I sat.
I could not believe what I was seeing, that the little online light was on.
I was just so happy, and if I could sing decently I would of burst out in a song.

Happy, happy, happy, was I at that moment, for all my hard work had paid off.
Happy, happy, happy, my wifi was working, of this you should not scoff.
I grabbed my laptop and its mouse, hugged it to my chest to take it to my couch to put down.
I was grinning from ear to ear, and no where on me was the slightest little frown.

So hear I am back on the computer, watching the big screen with my shows on it.
I am all comfy and in less pain, clicking away, watching, clicking some more as I sit.
Just so happy to write this poem to let you all know that tomorrow I will be back.
I can visit my blogging buddies and comment to say Hi, to let you know my blogging is back on track.

Happy, Happy, Happy, is what I want to be.
Happy, Happy, Happy, is what I want to see.
Happy, Happy, Happy, is the life for me.
Happy, Happy, Happy, is the best you'll agree.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I can only see red right now. Hubby took the desktop in to get fixed and it is not letting my laptop back online.

I have been talking to support person after support person and the place he took it to is closed. So double arrgghh.

No one seems to know what is wrong, so Saturday will be spent with more support people again. I am not talking to hubby right now unless I have no choice. He is very low on my list right now and just wants to play his computer games. He says he does not need to get online and so could care less if I do. So triple arrrgghhh.

Okay, this sucks and I will be back when I get this all fixed. If I get this fixed. He has taken over the desktop and so I am going to have to wait until he is done with his computer war games or goes back to work from his vacation. Oh and I could go to war with him right now. Sigh.

So I cannot visit anyone's sites and so I apologize. I will be back when I can. Double sigh!!!! I am a little tired of these computers here right now. Triple sigh!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


As I look back upon the past week,
What do I see,
What is in my mind,
What did I feel?

What are the things that I long to seek,
What is there that was me,
What were the things that I did find,
What was out there that was real?

I am not sure of the answers to these questions, I just do not know.
I see that time flies by, faster than my eyes can blink.
I find that my mind holds so many memories, but each day I remember less and less.
I want to feel innocence, like a child, to not know the things that are going on all around.

I search in my heart to find the answers to questions that God might show.
I need to find things out there that make me think.
I have also found that my house just looks like a great big mess.
I keep things everywhere, so I can have reminders of the past, of this I have found.

Reflections of what has happened, reflections of things in my life.
These are just objects, things that I have gathered, things I picked up along the way.
The little doll my grandmother gave to my daughter, that I have kept all these years.
The set of china, that I bought off my mother, because she no longer wanted it to keep.

I keep things that belong to my husband, along with mine, because I want to be a good wife.
I have knick knacks all over the house, they just collect dust every day.
I have boxes of papers that I keep just lying around, for the audit that I do fear.
So much stuff, crystal glasses, bowls and plates, stuff everywhere, I cannot even sweep.

I have lots of pictures that I should scan and put on a disc, I know this is on my list of to do.
But if I get this task done, I will not be able to get rid of the pictures, since some are so old.
We have old electronic equipment taking up some space, no longer used or even plugged in.
No wonder my mind is so full of thoughts and lots of clutter.

I have to write down things I need to remember, thoughts, even of you.
Yes, I look back upon this last week, and think of the clothes I did not fold.
I even forgot to buy that lottery ticket, for I know that if I were to ever win,
I would hire a cleaning lady, I did hear my brain clearly mutter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Theme Thursday...........MINERAL

Bare Minerals

Do you use Bare Minerals makeup?

I do.

I have never been one to use liquid face makeup. So for almost all of my makeup years I went without. Oh I would keep a bottle of liquid makeup for "just in case". But it usually would go bad before I even used a tiny fraction of the bottle.

Then a friend told me about how she had discovered a different kind of face makeup and I should try it. She put some on my face and I was hooked. I could not believe how different my face looked and felt. It did not look or feel like it had any makeup on it. This was about 5 years ago. I went online to bareminerals.com and ordered my first kit. I then joined the club and kits were automatically sent to me. Now I do have to say that since I am no longer working I have discontinued the club membership because I do not use enough to have it sent on a regular basis, but if I were working I would still be in it.

I have learned that you have to be careful about putting too much on or you will 'feel' the makeup. So go light. One of my daughters also uses this and so does the oldest granddaughter, if I give her one of mine. She loves using it. I have other friends who also use this. It is our little secret.

And my favorite product that they sell is Mineral Veil, it adds the finishing touch.

So even if you just buy the Get Started Kit shown above and use it for special occasions, you will be surprised at how you look. I have a complete kit and so use the eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadows.

This is one mineral I am glad to wear.

And for you men out there, if you need to buy a useful gift for the woman in your life, buying this mineral will let you sleep at night knowing that no one was harmed by your purchase.

I will no longer accept diamonds as a gift after watching the history of the blood diamonds. And I really wanted to write about those, but could not. It was too depressing.

So on a lighter note, I think I will go put some Bare Minerals on.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Raisin or Not To Raisin!

This is one of our English Tea Rooms somewhere east of Los Angeles.

On the weekends it is usually busy and you should have reservations.

It is also a small British Emporium and you can buy foods imported from The British Isles. Hubby usually comes here to buy tea and a few goodies that we enjoy. We drink tea most of the time and rarely drink coffee. We drink it hot with milk and sugar. Hubby has to have the best of the teas. Tetley Tea and some new tea that he has tried recently, Ty-phoo are his favorites. I just know that he will go without tea instead of drinking an American tea. But I sneak in the American Tetley Tea all the time. He says that is okay cause it is still Tetley.

Today was our first foray with any of the grankids into the Tea Room. We took the two youngest ones with their mom's. Now little bugger 1 and little bugger 2 were troopers in the tea room. We ordered the Afternoon Tea Special for us women, and egg salad sandwiches for the buggers. Hubby ordered Shepherd's Pie. Two pots of tea were brought to our table. Youngest daughter poured and we enjoyed.

The older of the two little buggers was so cute, he would take a sip, put his cup down and then put out his little pinkie. No one said a word, we just started busting out laughing. We are not sure where he learned this. They brought our food on those little 3 tier holders. There were those little cucumber sandwiches, cheese, tomato, and egg ones also. Scones and little British Cookies too.

Now we were given the option of scones with raisins and scones without. I asked for ones with raisins and little bugger 2 said she did not like raisins, so hers was without. I cut mine in half and covered it with lemon curd, she eyed it. I ate it. Then I decided to put Rasberry jam on the other half. Now she was really eyeing this half. I asked if she would like a bite, she shook her head yes. She took a bite, then another, and before I knew what had happened it was gone. The little bugger ate the whole half. Now I could have asked for another scone, but I thought I was saving some calories and did not. I ate a piece of her sandwich. I fixed her.

All in all we had a great time. The little buggers turned into well behaved grandchildren who got bites of free desert and impressed the ladies. Then we went to the emporium section. Granddaughter wanted more scones to take home and she did not want any with raisins. Do you think she just ate mine to save me on my diet or does she really like raisins? At 5 years old, who knows how her devious mind already works. Both of the little buggers know how to get me to spoil them.

Pinky out.

(Buggers is the nickname, hubbies mom called her grandkids)

Monday, March 23, 2009


I dream of this iJoy chair!

Yes, this is a dream of mine, to own this chair. Someone I know got one this past Christmas for his present.

These chairs are on sale at Costco right now until March 31, with $200.00 marked off until then.

Everytime I would go to a Sharper Image store I would try to sit in one of them, but I think there were only a few times that I actually got to sit in one of them. I would try to sit in all the different massage chairs they had there, but most of the time, the people already sitting in them were not budging. I was shatterpated each time because I was not able to get a much needed massage. I would wander heedlessly around the store looking at other things and then come back to check if any of the chairs were empty and of course they were not. I would have grabbingly taken their place. Most of the time I would wander out in a fuzzled haze without ever sitting in my dream chair.

So jumping jehoshaphat, just think of how I felt when I walked into someone's house and there it sat. Shatterpated no more, I almost fainted. The chair was empty, they had already had it for a few months and they only used it in the late evenings.

The longing must of shown in my eyes, they asked if I would like to try it. I draffishly sat down in my iJoy dream chair. Someone must of turned it on, my eyes were closed and there I sat. Up and down my back the balls inside were doing their magic. The vibrations were sloomishly shaking the chair while there I sat.

After a half hour of this effulgent treatment I opened my eyes. Everyone was in another room, laughing talking, visiting with each other. In my befuddled state I had to decide to join them or fussocklly stay where I was and start the timer again. I bedgrudingly got up and left that chair.

I have been back to visit them, but I did not sit in the chair again. I am not sure if I would not put up a yurt in their backyard and stay.

Oh, how I do dream of this iJoy chair. Maybe someday hubby will get me one. I need to take him for a visit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yes, it is the Y!

Y is the twenty-fifth letter in the alphabet and is usually pronounced as 'wai'. It is a consonant but is sometimes used as a vowel sound. Y (wi) is the first word under the letter Y which represents an unknown in Math. Yurt, the last word means a domed, portable cylindrical tent usually found in Asia.

So let me see which 10 Y words are available and there seems to be only a few pages of words that start with a Y in the dictionary.

Yoga...This is an exercise that I need to learn.
It would provide me with a body for which hubby does yearn.

Yam...I like to eat these just like a baked potato, with lots of buttery goo,
But one is usually so large, that it can feed me and you.

Yippee...When I turn on my computer to check for comments under things I did post.
This is what I shout inside my brain if I see one, and I want to drink a toast.

Years...These have gone flying by, yes so many, and so very fast.
And there have been a few of which my family thought were my last.

Yellow...This color I really like, for it is the color of lemons and the sun.
I think of brightness from the sunlight, and that daylight is a time of fun.

Yearbook...Every once in a while I come across mine and take a look.
So many years ago, I look so young back then, of which now I will not be mistook.

Yummy...I say to cookies, candy, vegetables, fruit, breads, and pieces of chocolate cakes.
My doctor told me that I had to stop saying that and put me on a diet of shakes.

Yuck...This is the word I was using to describe the shakes I had to drink.
But at least for a little while they were working, my stomach did shrink.

Yeast...I keep some in my refrigerator, for use in the bread machine sometime.
But since I have been on my diet, I have found eating bread increases my waistline.

Yogurt...Yoplait is my favorite brand of all of them out there that I eat.
But I have found a few others taste okay, as long as they are sweet.

I needed to work on this yesterday, yet I did not. And you might wonder since I like to yap in print, why I am late.
It is because I have this problem, I like to procrastinate.

What are we to do?


Now to some of you this question might be a little silly I know,
But to me for some reason that I am not quite sure about,
It bugs me quite a lot, when I see that the roll has the wrong flow.
I stop, I look, I wonder, and sometimes it makes me want to shout.

How hard can it be to just put this roll on the correct way,
For now I always put it on the holder each and every time,
To make sure that every square is going to be sure and lay,
Over the others, for this is the way I like, that suits me just fine.

Once upon a time I was one to put the roll under, but I did find,
That when I had to grab some of the squares with my hand,
I could not find them quickly, so this would put me in a real bind,
Those needed squares were not available at my demand.

They were always hiding, at the back of the roll, right against the wall,
Just out of my sight, hidden just enough so that I could not see,
Where I needed to hold on to that first square, to get them all,
To avoid a disaster, of which I did not want to happen to me.

So many times this did happen, grabbing at nothing but air,
Those many squares, sitting on that roll, sitting right next to the tank,
Laughing secretly at me, sitting on my throne, but I have to be fair,
I am the one who put them under, so I have no one else to thank.

And believe me, it was a lesson that took place for many, many, years.
A lesson that was taught, through the mistakes that I had made,
That if I put the squares over instead of under, I soon had no fears,
I was able to grab those squares, I was able to make the grade.

You must know that when a roll is placed on the holder, when it's put back,
The squares must be able to roll over the top, to be sitting just right,
For you to grab onto oh so easily, so in your time of need, you do not lack,
Those squares on that roll, and with that touching comes such delight,

To know that every square is available, so that you will be able to wipe,
Each and every inch, without losing the over or under fight.
I say to each and everyone of you, I know that you might think I gripe,
But over is the way to place the squares on the roll. And if I might.

I want to send out this little reminder, of which we all must tend,
The next time, you are the one to replace that roll, I hope you will think,
To bother about which way you want your own story to end,
Over or under, and choose the one that will help you not stink.

Friday, March 20, 2009


A world without hugs is not a place for me.
A world without hugs is not somewhere that I want to see.
A world without hugs would just not be the same.
A world without hugs would be very lame.

A world with hugs is great for everyone.
A world with hugs is the best thing done.
A world with hugs shines brightly with the sun.
A world with hugs is always full of fun.

Hugs can be given day or night.
Hugs can be given after a fight.
Hugs can be given to me and you.
Hugs can be given to everyone too.

When a hug is given just right,
When a hug is not too tight,
When a hug is with a friend,
When a hug is helping someone mend.

That is when a hug is really the best,
That is when a hug is like a little rest,
That is when a hug makes one's heart sing,
That is when a hug is just the right thing.

This hug is one that I am passing along,
This hug is one that I hope you will not keep too long.
This hug is one that I think you should share.
This hug is one that I give to those of whom I care.

So here is a hug that I am giving to you from my heart.
So here is a hug that from my arms must depart.
So here is a hug that I give with all my might.
So here is a hug that I know will make everything right.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Theme Thursday...........VEGETABLE

The Idaho Potato

Okay now I know that if I knew how to put the dang video in the post like the rest of you do than I would do it. But I don't and can't get any directions I understand. So to see it just click on the Idaho Potato thing above.

So for me to even get a link to a video on You Tube is pretty dang gum it good. I am for some reason just fascinated with the potato in the video and yes I know that this is Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island in the video, but I cannot stop looking at how fast and easy that potato was peeled and I just bought one of those Titanium peelers that they show on TV.

And to think that all these years I could of just been doing that. Years of peeling potatoes, standing at the sink, peel, peel, peel, and all I had to do was score them, boil them, give them an ice bath and wa la, the peeling would of just popped off. And let me tell you, my mom started making me peel potatoes at the age of 6, that was the first thing she taught us how to do in the kitchen. So with a total of seven kids, can you imagine how many potatoes my mom made us peel.

Geez louise, I gotta go watch that video again. I am not even sure how long this video has been out there but I just got it in an e-mail today.

Plus, what is wrong with my darn Asparagus Fern plant. I guess I will still be waiting for my Asparagus Fern plant to grow some asparagus on it. I wonder how long it will take before it starts producing those stalks of asparagus on it. I have been waiting for over three years now for it to grow some. During the spring and summer I check it all over and still to this day not one stalk has appeared on it. I fertilize that thing and still not one stalk of asparagus has appeared on it. I think it has only grown a few inches since I planted it. What more does that plant want. Do I need to put a heat lamp on it. Does it need some bottled water instead of water from the sprinklers.

I guess since I have never learned how to peel a potato, it is no surprise that I cannot grow any asparagus. Oh well, I think I will see if that Topsy Turvy Tomato thing works any better. Only I am not sure how my tomatoes will be able to know their top from their bottom, or is it the bottom from the top. Oh, I am so lost. Back to that video, again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Budget Meals

Baker's Drive Thru

I know that most people have heard of In-N-Out Burgers here in Southern California, but even less have heard of Baker's Drive Thru. But where I live these are all over the place. On the radio you will hear the song in their advertisement say; "For great food close to home, come to Baker's."

Guess what I had for dinner tonight. Yup you guessed it, Baker's. Hubby said he did not want anything, so me and the granddaughter had Baker's. I had the old fashioned burger budget meal and she had the bean and cheese burrito budget meal. The meal includes an order of french fries and a drink.

I had gone to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and since Baker's is almost right next door, I had to have it. Now let me say that I can smell In-N-Out Burgers from a few miles away and we never let an opportunity go by that we do not get one of those either. Just something about them, not even sure what, we just love them. But Baker's is almost the same, it is just they are everywhere and you can get them more often. The grandkids come over and then if they want me to buy them some fast food, then Baker's seems to be their first choice.

It might be because they sell burgers, tacos and burritos. They sell chicken sandwiches, nachos, quesadillas, and a variety of other food. There used to be one about 1/2 mile from my house and then about 4 years ago they moved it over by the pharmacy. It is still only about one mile away, but with me and just hubby here, we do not eat out that often.

Back to that budget meal, over the years I have watched the price go up. When they built the one near my house the budget meal cost about 99 cents, that was about 18 years ago. Today I noticed it was $2.99 for the exact same thing. Now I think with my fuzzy math thing here that the price has tripled. And if you get the hamburger budget meal it is more. At one time they were the same price. But if you only have a few dollars and you need to eat, then this is the place to go to.

I have noticed that it is not as busy as they used to be, but they are still fairly busy. The food is decent and tastes good, probably not that healthy, but heck for the money, what can I say. The other grandkids are coming tomorrow night and I got a funny feeling I know what they will want. I think that maybe I should get some meat out of the freezer for that barbeque. It's in the 80's and I should really be cooking on that barbeque smoker sitting out there.

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Time

It's Grilling Time!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, it is time to turn up the heat.
It is time to grab that large piece of steak meat.
I think that I should also take a piece of aluminum foil,
To put those ears of corn that I have rubbed with oil.

I have put the charcoal into the bottom of the barbeque pit,
And soaked each one with the starter fluid to stay lit.
When I take a match to start them all on fire,
I think that this is one chore of which I will never tire.

The meat has been in the refrigerator since last night,
To marinate in the spices in a bowl that is sealed up tight,
That I keep a hidden secret for which only I know,
I even hide the little jars they come in so as not to show,

The friends and family where the meat gets it flavor,
That they will soon be eating, that they will savor.
For grilling time is my favorite time of the year,
It means that spring has arrived, and those are birds that I hear.

The bees are buzzing, the blooms are blooming, it's in the air,
New life, that you can feel and see, insects flying into your hair.
The sun shining brightly for many long hours of daylight.
And so many parties that last long into the night.

Yes, grilling time is the beginning of lots of fun,
Friends and family, sitting, talking, playing in the sun.
So I hope that you all are as happy and agree with me,
That grilling time is the best, of this you will see.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

G...........Gee it is.

Geez I am gonna do the letter G today.

G is the seventh letter of the English alphabet.

G is the first word and I guess it has to do with acceleration due to gravity. Maybe this is where G-force comes from. Gyve is the last word under G in the dictionary. This is a shackle mostly for the legs, or means to get, to hold.

And I guess I will try to kinda start following the rules of this meme. So let me see, are there 10 G words for me to write about. Do I want to do rhymes or just write about them. Well let's see what happens if I do some of both. So I guess I will have a go.

Grandparent...I guess that is what I am, although a very young one at that, and I think I could have waited for many more years, but goodness, have I been one for almost 17 years now. Where did the time go? Is she really gonna be that old in a few more months?

Grandchildren...Yes, I have 10. I do have to say that 5 are step-grandchildren, but they are still ours. The youngest one will be 5 years old this coming week. She is a cutie and shy, but oh so sweet. I spoil her, just like the rest. The boys are just as bad, I spoil them all and they are so glad. Now I get in trouble for this all the time, but I tell them it is my job, and I get paid not even a dime.

Grateful...I am for them. They come to visit us all the time. They are here with us on most weekends. Just to have grandchildren who want to visit and spend time with us is very nice. But sometimes I wish they were quiet as mice.

Gravity...Somehow this has happened to my body. Things have gone where that should not be going. I just wish that so much was not showing. Why does my butt never stop growing?

Groceries...Yes, that is the reason for the extra weight that I see when I get on that scale. I then look in the mirror and my face goes pale. Oh, what the h*ll. But a person has to eat, I just wish that when I looked down, I could see my feet.

Guarantees...There are none out there that are for what happens in your life everyday. And as you grow older and see what life holds, you learn very quickly that you really have no say. Things happen that you had not planned or wanted to you. Eventually you discover that there was nothing you could do.

Guarded...This is what you do with your heart. Usually, right from the start. But then you learn that if you continue on this path of never showing, you will end up never knowing, that love is something that should be given, while you are still part of the living.

Grown...I am not sure if this will ever happen to my hubby, for I have been waiting for more years than I care to know. We just keep getting older together, trust me, I can just look in the mirror, and see all those wrinkles that continue to grow.

God...For me there is only one, and I am so glad to have him in my life. He brings me peace, joy, and love, and less strife. Everyday I try to pray, in the hopes that many of my problems will go away. But they seem to be here all the time in varying degrees, yes, testing me, teaching me, showing me, what he wants me to see.

Grace...This is something that is harder to show to everyone out there in the world today. There is less tolerance for people who do not feel the same way that you do in what you feel is the right way. But everyone needs to understand that there is more than enough space, for each and all of us to have our own special place.

Okay, so this time I followed a little more closely to the rules and as many of you know that I think some rules are made to be broken. So I will have to go back and see how many more letters I have left to go, but since there are 26 and this is maybe number 5, I guess I still have a long way left. But I will eventually get them all done. Until I have left none.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What is Stimulating?

Stimulus, I keep hearing this word so much lately.

So what is getting stimulated?

Is this stimulating anything?

I think about the only thing getting stimulated right now is fear.

I saw on the news that all this talk about a recession or a depression is causing "fear". Fear of a recession and an even greater fear of going through another Great Depression. Is is causing us to change our habits, do things that we would normally not do. It makes me think of the saying; "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Yes, people are losing their homes because they have lost their jobs. But what bothers me is why so many are losing their jobs. Is it because we have changed our buying habits because of all this talk about a recession or depression. And yes, maybe I am guilty of this also, but I have been doing my best to not change. I want people to keep their jobs, I am trying to not change things too much.

What am I stimulating, I am not sure, but according to my husband I am stimulating as much of the local economy as he will let me. Well actually he is, if the truth be told. He just keeps buying more stuff. I am proud of him for doing his share in helping people keep their jobs. It is important for him to do this, so that he can keep his job. Yes, by us spending we are making sure he keeps his job.

I thought that maybe I would see what I could get that was free tonight. Then I typed in "Free Samples" in a web search. It would say on some sites that the samples were totally free, well I have to say that nothing was free that I could find. I was stimulating nothing, nothing but answering their constant questions about me. It would take me from one questionaire to another. Just nonstop questionaires. My brain is so unstimulated right now that I can barely think. Were these "Free Samples" worth them getting my information, I think not. At least I had enough sense to use one of my rarely used e-mail addresses and to put in some wrong personal information. Maybe I was stimulating something but I am not sure what. I sure wasn't stimulating any free stuff to come to my house. We will see what happens though.

So yes, I think my husband is the one who is stimulating. He is stimulating me to just go out there and keep buying the things I want and just stop trying to get anything for free.

Nothing is free!

Friday, March 13, 2009


GHOSTLY POST: Tis the 13th of Friday

This was not my ghost!!!

Tis a ghostly story that I am going to tell.
That would make most people like us yell,
Or scream with fear from what this ghost would do,
This ghost who had no fear, of either me or you,
And who I think just wanted to say to everyone, "BOO".

We lived in this little part of the Panama Canal Zone,
Twas an old air field, and there was very little that was known,
Of the men who had lived there during a time that has long gone past.
We never found out about anyone who had lived there last.
They said many had died from a bomb's blast.

They were men from World War II, our American Air Force, and
Many of these men had died all alone and far from their homeland.
The locals would tell us that these men who had past away,
Had been in this field for many years, and were here to stay,
And that is why I will tell you about what happened on one warm day.

I went to visit a newly found friend, a woman who was also a army wife.
Who lived just a few duplexes over, this place that was now my life.
I will call her "she" for I think it is best that I keep her privacy,
For she is likely still around and if this is a story that she might see,
I would not like for her to be upset with this story about "she and me".

On this day so long ago, I took my daughter with me to this place,
Of which we did not know, did not belong to she, for it was not her space,
And this we did find out while we were there to visit she and her son.
Now my ghost, in my home, I had met, but I did not know about this one,
For she had kept quiet about hers, and so I thought there were none.

We were there for about a half hour and you have to understand,
All the windows were sealed with plastic to keep out bugs from the sand.
And many creatures that I had never known were even around.
The many of which I learned about, the many that I had found,
Except it could not keep out this one, who I wish made no sound.

In her place, there were no leaks for the air to come in and blow.
There was only one door to go outside, it was shut, so no air flow.
As we sat there on her couch, with the children playing on the floor,
What did we suddenly hear, what just did slam, was it the bedroom door.
We jumped up, we went to see, how did this door get shut, we did explore.

The windows were sealed, we went to check the closets, no one was there.
We went to the other rooms to look around, nothing caused this air.
The bedroom, bathroom were empty, we looked, and so she did frown.
She knew who had done this, as we went to sit back down,
I could see it in her eyes, the fear she had, eyes that were brown.

I will never forget, as she told me the story of her not so friendly ghost.
This ghost who had scared her many times, a not so very good host.
He had slammed the doors many times because he did not like her much.
He had done other things, she said, she had even felt his touch,
And he had been moving things, he did not like them there and such.

These things she did see, and so I think he had gotten very mad,
As she continued to tell me this story about him, he was not really glad.
So while we were sitting on the couch, we could see the kitchen things,
What one would normally see on the shelves, stuff that we would bring,
Cups, plates, bowls, a few pots and pans, that the ghost did fling.

We sat there and watched it going flying in the air, then to the ground.
Down and down these things went, when it hit, it made a loud sound.
We jumped, again, and I know that he was laughing as we got to our feet.
We were both afraid, I knew this was one ghost I did not want to meet.
Grabbing our kids, he had a big smile as out the door we did retreat.

We ran down the stairs, the children in our arms that we held tightly.
This ghost of hers, that had told us, I will say very unpolitely.
That she was only there to visit, the same as I, this home was his place.
He had let her know that this was his view, it was said with little grace.
And he and I had other encounters, but I never got to see his face.

He even went a little far sometimes, over time he even locked her out,
The MP's would be called to bring the keys, they would even look about.
But even they did not find anyone there, any more than we could.
We stood outside, while the ghost did hide, we knew that he would.
She left a set of keys with me, when he did it again, MP's said she should.

So on this day, I wonder if that ghost will somehow read this story,
And start laughing again, thinking what he did, in all his glory.
How he scared two women into running down two flights of stairs,
Laughing to himself, as we got away as fast as we could, from his lair.
This was not a nice ghost, not like mine, this ghost did not play fair.

The people of Panama knew that this place was haunted by those ghosts. And so to this day I am sure it still is, but I hope to never visit that haunted field again. And maybe someday I will tell the story of my ghost who lived with us. I think he was laughing in his own way too.

Thanks to all who join in the fun.

Here are links to those who are joining in the fun. I will update the list as I can. So leave in comments any others that I have missed. And a spooky day to you all. ooooooooooooohhhhh.

Auntie Dog Girl, Ronda, Brian Miller, Subtorp, Baino's Banter,

Candie, Donna Baker, Leah, Dot-Com, Bullet Holes,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Theme Thursday...........ANIMAL


We watched the car traveling down the road, it had a travel trailer hitched to the back of it. We could not believe our eyes, it happened at the same moment when Rusty was crossing the road. The car hit him, our beloved dog Rusty was no more. We screamed so loud and could not believe our eyes.

How could this have happened to him. We loved this dog so much. He was a mutt of what mixture we do not know. They told us he was part coyote and he pretty much looked like one. His hair was orangish in color and that is why he was named Rusty.

Skipper was the first dog we had gotten as children. He was a cocker spaniel and such a mean dog that we never really bonded with him. He was an older dog and not used to children. He would just as soon bite us as let us pet him. Then we got Rusty, he was a puppy when they brought him home. I was about seven years old then. I really do not remember what happened to Skipper. I think they gave him away to a family without kids. We never missed him.

Rusty would let us pet him, hold him, and he played with us. We were all little but we tried to do our best to take care of him and he took care of us too. We were always safe when he was around. He never let any stranger come near us. We always knew that he would give his life to keep us safe. Oh how much we loved that dog.

Once when my dad and my youngest sister at that time were at a phone booth, a man walked up to them, he bit the man. They put Rusty into quarantine. That happened to him a lot. I guess today they would take him away and put him to sleep, but back in those days this did not happen. We had a fenced in yard and a man was walking by and we are not sure what he did, but Rusty bit him. He was put into quarantine again. We then had to keep him on a rope to protect anyone walking by the fence.

Another time, my mom's friends two sons were teasing us, he tried to catch them. I was in the way and the rope went across my legs. They called it "rope burn", it left me with two scars on my legs that are still here to this day. All I can say is that it hurt like heck and the scars never tanned, so I have always had this reminder of Rusty protecting me. Two lines across my calfs, white skin against tanned skin. It always looked funny and people would ask what had happened. Maybe that is another reason I remember Rusty so well.

But here we were on Route 66, moving from California to Indiana. We had two vehicles and I think we were somewhere near Flagstaff in Arizona. I remember lots and lots of trees lining the two-way highway. We had been in one vehicle while Rusty was in the other. I do not even remember why one car was stopped on one side of the road and the other one on the other side. I just remember that we called to him because we were so happy to see him. He started to run to us across that road in the mountains. That is when it happened. The car could not stop and it did not sverve, it had that trailer on the back of it and if it had done that it could of hit one of us.

Oh how we cried and cried for days. We moved to Indiana for a while and then moved back to California about 6 months later. We could not remember the exact spot where Rusty was buried beside the road on Route 66. We traveled that same route many times over the years and whenever we drove through the mountains in Arizona we always remembered our beloved dog Rusty.

I just wanted to say that this was not meant to be a sad story, we had such a great time with that dog and I just wanted to write a tribute of love to him. But this is the story that came out.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday.........Recipe Day!

Orange Jello Salad

With Easter coming next month, I wanted to share a recipe that everyone will enjoy on that day. This recipe was given to me by someone many years ago. It has been enjoyed by many since then. I make it for most holidays.


1/2 pint small curd Knudsen Cottage Cheese
16 oz Cool Whip, I sometimes add more.
1 box Orange Jello, 6 oz size
1 can mandarin oranges, 11 oz size, can use more if wanted,
I usually use more when making this.
1 can crushed pineapple, 20 oz size


Drain the mandarin oranges and the crushed pineapples, the crushed pineapples need to be drained very well. In a large bowl mix the drained crushed pineapple with the box of Orange Jello until mixed well. Add the small curd cottage cheese, less cottage cheese added makes it is more like a dessert, your choice. Add the drained mandarin oranges, mix well. The Cool Whip can now be folded into the mixture. When fully mixed, it is best to chill before serving, I usually make it the night before and let it chill overnight.

Some like this as a dessert and some like to eat it as a salad. I like to just eat it. I always make enough for me to put some in a container to keep. It lasts for about 4 - 5 days. So I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday...........Life's About

GHOST POST: Friday 13th

This coming Friday is uh, lets say, gonna be special!!

We are having a day of GHOST POSTS, so I hope that everyone can join in for a day of fun.

For info about the day please be sure and visit DOG GIRL and get all the ghoulish details.

I just wanted to pass this along and hope that everyone can participate this Friday. I can hardly wait to see what you have all encountered. Yeah!

See you all there!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mrsupole Gets to Make Lemonade

The blog award: "When Life Hands You Lemons"

The famous Auntie of Dog Girl has bestowed upon me this coveted Lemonade Blog Award.

I too am humbled and honored that someone would think of me and do this.
Thank you so much Auntie.
Now here is the small print:

1...Put the logo on your blog or post. (Thanks Auntie for the help)

2...Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude. (Yup)

3...Link to your nominees within your post. (Thanks Cinnamon for the help)

4...Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. (I hope you all are okay with it, this time)

5...Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award. (I can do this, both actually now that I have been helped)

Here we go, ten blogging buddies that I feel have done a fantastic job of showing great attitude and/or gratitude. You all deserve this Lemonade Award:

God Bless Everyone.
PS...my usual Sunday and Monday themes have been postponed.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I've Been Tagged


Hi everyone,

I've been tagged by Candie , even though we sorta broke the rules, well just a little anyway.

These are the rules:

1...Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog (I hope it works).

2...Write the rules on your site.

3...Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you.

4...Tag 6 persons adding their links directly (don't know how to do that,I know I'm dumb {me too, so am leaving this in}), but I will try and follow Cinnamon's directions and hope they work. You can all let me know.

5...Notify the person that you tagged them.

Here goes:

First...I can only wear jewelry that is made with gold, at least 14k.

Second...I do not have much jewelry because of the first. It is very expensive to buy real gold, and not be able to have costume jewelry. But since I always forget to put it on anyway, I guess it is okay.

Third...I almost got my little toe cut off from a metal door when picking up my granddaughter at her school. It took a long time to heal, but I am thankful to still have it because I always wear sandals.

Fourth...I reverse my left and my right. I can tell you to go to the left and be pointing to the right. There is a medical name for this, but duh, I forgot that too.

Fifth...I hate shopping in malls, I am not sure why, but I will go out of my way to avoid shopping in them. I like to just go straight to which store I need to go to and then leave. But once there, I can shop for hours. I know this makes no sense, but it is how I shop. Even when online, same thing.

Sixth...I am allergic to just about everything. Mangos blossoms will give me a really bad asthma attack. When in a room with a dog and the windows are closed, same thing happens. I cannot touch grass or I will itch like crazy, so rarely go to the park, and have to pay gardeners to do the yardwork. Allergies bother me year round. Sigh!

Okay so I will try to put in the links of who I am tagging.

So here goes I am tagging: Ronda , Megan, Kelsey, Dot-Com, Evening Light Writer, and Reya.

Good luck everyone, and I hope you have as much fun as the rest of us did. God Bless.

And this is for you VE, the rules here are broken for you too! You are also tagged.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Saturday..........Politics Anyone?

400 Pairs of Shoes

Is there something wrong with this picture? I was just wondering if anyone else saw this story about a lady who allegedly embezzeled almost 10 million dollars. She supposedly bought at least 400 pairs of shoes, designer clothing, purses, and spent the money on remodeling.

They contend that this happened over 6 years and no one caught on until the credit card company alerted the business she worked for.

Why is there this need to constantly keep up with the Jones'.

Is my house bigger than your house? Do I have better furniture than you do? Did mine cost more than yours? Do I have better shoes than you do? Does my body look better than yours does?

What has happened to the time when everyone just wanted to be me? What is wrong with just being yourself?

There will always be someone who has more than you do?

It is really just a question of what "more" is. Is it more money, more things, more happiness, more love, more fame, more faith, this list can go on and on.

I say, who cares, who cares if anyone has more than you.

Where and when does this all stop? It all stops with you. That is where it stops.

Stop the insanity! Enjoy life! Just enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Cooking For Two

I once had many, that lived in this house with me.
Where did they all move to, why did they leave?
I watched as each one of them moved to be on their own.
I even helped them pack the things up for their new home.

They bought their own bed, living room couch, and dining room table,
All of the things, that they could afford, that they were able.
I gave them things that I had saved for them over the years.
Stuff they really did not want, but they took it anyway, they were such dears.

In the boxes, there were no pots and pans, only a few dishes,
I put in some towels, some sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and a few wishes.
Candle holders, knick knacks, picture frames, were included to name a few.
Household cleaners, sponges, a mop, and a broom, just some things that I knew.

They would need these things to clean up the mess that would come each day.
I had taught them, how to use them, while they lived here, while I had the say.
So they are now living, each in a new city, but not too far from us to drive.
I can go visit, if I would like, I call them to let them know when I will arrive.

And so, there is no one here but my husband and me, to cook for, you see.
I have all these recipes, lots and lots of them, it was okay when we had three.
Three is easier to cook for, I am not really sure just why.
Four or six servings, is listed on most of them, I cannot lie.

Cooking for four means that while I am serving the meal on each plate,
The three of us get a little more, so for desserts, it is really great.
When it says that it is servings for six, that means we get another meal.
We have leftovers for another day, that is a really good deal.

Here in this house with just two to cook for is harder than you know.
Sometimes I wonder, should I get out the candles, so we can eat as the flames glow.
Would cooking for two be easier if I had a smaller pot or pan.
Will I ever know? Because I have not bought a new set, I think I never can.

Two is not the same as one, for when I cook for one, a sandwich and soup will do.
Sometimes that is okay, but it is better to cook a meal, for if it was for you,
Meat, potatoes, and a salad, sounds better than peanut butter and jelly,
My husband would tell me, after eating his large dinner, while rubbing his belly.

Cooking for two is not very easy, for when you go to the grocery store and shop,
Things that they sell are for four or more, but I can buy only one pork chop.
I need to buy a pair of them, because I am cooking for two, not three or four.
Fruits and vegetables are easier to buy by the pound, so I need not buy more.

So I must say that I have been learning, when my children visit here at night,
I really do not feel like I want to cook for more than two, so I have seen the light.
Where is that telephone number, I am learning by heart, for the pizza man?
Do they want pepperoni, cheese, pineapple, or ham, yes, I can take care of my clan.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Theme Thursday...........GLASS


What would our lives be without glass?

This is a very scarey thought, just imagine a world without glass.

Without Glass!!

Without glass for windows, how could we see the outside from the inside.

Without glass for eye glasses, how could we see anything and everything.

Without glass for mirrors, how could we see what others see, is that you or me?

Without glass for the aquarium, how could we see the fish swimming in the tank at a pet store, without going to the seashore.

Without glass for our car windows, how could we see others cars coming or going.

Without glass for our store windows, who knows what we would find, we would wonder what is that kind.

Without glass when they made the first TV's, where would we find comedy, news, drama, and movie shows, would the nights at home be the same as we now know.

Without glass for our camera lens, how could we take all those pictures of many things for us to share, the things of which we care.

Without glass for the telescope, how would we have seen the stars, the planets so far away, and know that here we must stay.

Without glass for the picture frame, how could we protect the painting or picture that we want to keep, it's loss would make many weep.

Without glass for the microscope, would they have discovered the way to end a disease with a cure, can we be certain, can we be sure.

Without glass for that cup, would we be able to see something that we want to drink, or would the liquid inside go rancid and then stink.

Without glass for the hole in the door, how would we peek at who is there knocking, to keep us safe from those who we should not be unlocking.

Without glass for the skylight, would we be able to take a dark room, and lighten it to take away the gloom.

Without glass for our cabinet, how would we ever show off the finest of our china, we would have to constantly dust, oh yes, that would be a must.

Without glass to make a bowl, where would I put my only fish that is still alive, what would he live in, so he could survive.

Without glass to be used in many other things, that which we use daily in our lives, of which we have learned to depend, what would happen, would it all end?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday.........Recipe Day!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe was e-mailed to me a few years ago. I have changed it a little to try to make it healthier. Okay, I know chocolate chip cookies are not one of the healthiest foods out there, but can you think of a better comfort food. The nuts are healthy, chocolate is healthy, the oats are healthy, see I told you this was healthy. Oh yeah, eggs have protein, lemon is a fruit. Totally healthy. Hmm!


1 Cup Softened Butter (2 sticks)
1/2 Cup Butter-flavored Crisco (1/2 of the sticks)
1 1/3 Cups sugar
1 Cup brown sugar
4 Eggs
2 Tsp vanilla
2 Tsp lemon juice
2 Tsp baking soda
1 1/2 Tsp salt
2 Tsp cinnamon
3 Cups flour
1 Cup Oats
24 Ounces Chocolate Chips (you can put in less if you like)
1 Cup of chopped walnuts or pecans


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

In a large mixing bowl, whip together the softened butter, Crisco, sugar, and brown sugar until really fluffy. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer, but a hand mixer will work too.

In another bowl beat the 4 eggs, vanilla, and lemon juice together, then whip into the fluffy mixture a little at a time.

Stir into the flour, the baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Slowly mix into the fluffy mixture. When whipped together, mix in the cup of oats.

Add the chopped nuts and the chocolate chips by hand.

Drop by teaspoonfuls onto a cookie sheet and bake at 325 degrees for 17-19 minutes. Remove and cool on a wire rack. Store in an airtight container. I recommend that you put the dough in the refrigerator overnight before baking. This makes them thicker and chewier. And if you have not tried one of those handy, dandy cookie scoopers with the little slide and release thing-a-ma-jigs on it, I would totally tell you to get one. They are great, the cookies all come out almost the same size and they are usually round. So much easier to use. Trust me, try one.

Do not overbake, the longer you bake the crispier they will get.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday...........Life's About


The DVR has become such a daily part of our lives. I never knew when I signed up for one with my cable company, how much I would come to depend upon this Digital Video Recorder when I watch TV shows. I had a VCR and sometimes I would record something, but most of the time I would forget to put the tape in or just totally forget to start the recording. Then, even if I recorded something, I would forget to watch it. I have boxes of tapes that I have never watched. I am not even sure if I have a VCR player to watch them anymore. Do they even sell them anymore. I do have a machine that could take all these video tapes and transfer them all to a DVD disc. I always think that someday I will do this. It has been about two years, at least, that I bought that piece of equipment.

What do I use a DVR for? Why do I use a DVR? How would I survive without my DVR?

The funny thing is I now treat my DVR pretty much like I did my VCR, except it is a lot easier to use. And it forces me to actually sometimes watch what I recorded. It only has so much space and I cannot just pop another tape in. So if I want to record anything else I have to delete it or watch it. My hubby is always threatening to cancel the DVR contract with the cable company. I am not sure if I would survive, but I guess I would. Just as long as he lets me keep the internet service going. He just does not know that I can watch all these shows on my computer. I never tell him, and what he does not know, does not hurt him. Maybe someday. He never uses the DVR anyway, so he just might cancel it someday. Am I worried, well no, I will just get another one.

Okay, back to what I do watch. I record shows that my grandson wants to watch with me. Some shows that he likes to watch are not on TV when I am babysitting him, or he has to do his homework and that always comes first. Our favorite show to watch together is MONK. We are upset because we have found out that this summer will be it's final season. Then we watch PSYCH together. Ghost Whisperer is another favorite, but sometimes he gets scared. I guess it is not a surprise to some that it is one of my favorites.

There is a fairly new show called Legend of the Seeker that he enjoys and Chuck. This grandson is only 8 years old and to be able to sit there with him and be able to enjoy some shows with him is so much fun. Most of the time he just wants to play on video games, but this is "our" time together. It is something so special to do with a child. We skip the commercials and talk to each other while watching these shows. It is just so much fun sometimes. I love it.

I can only say that I hope someday you all have this same experience with your grandchildren that I do. It is the best!!!!!

I do have to say I am so glad to have a DVR and would actually recommend getting one if you have not. I do record other things, like the news and just half listen and half watch some shows, I do like how you can just stop and rewind if you want to see or hear something you missed. I paused a commercial and took a picture of a jungle scene. I hope it looks okay.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's New Word Monday!


It's Monday again, time for a new word. Yes, we are on the letter "h" and so it seemed fitting to search through Professor Humperdink III.

So hullabalooing, it is.

Okay, so let us take a guess as to what this word means. Let me see if breaking it down helps. Hulla, is this a dance in Hawaii, no that is a Hula Dance. Maybe it means hella, like we had a hella time. Okay, no that means hell of a time. Hela means a Norse Godess of the dead and a queen of the underworld. Is Hela a werewolf? This is just TMI. And yes, that is the point here, to provide this info.

Moving on to baloo, is it not a tiny balloon, is it a baby loon, hmm, at this point I am not even sure what "ing" means. This is just one more to look up. Stick to the point, I see, that is what I must do. So let's see baloo, no definition. This is just another word for a tiny loo. I have a tiny loo, and it is hard to take a bath in it. You can barely shut the door without tripping over the toilet. Next house we buy had better have a hella loo and a big kitchen too. I want one that I have to walk a little ways to take care of business. At least 5 steps, unless of course I am in a rush, then that baloo is just the right size.

"ing", the dictionary states that is a field or water pasture, I always thought that adding "ing" meant action. I guess chasing a cow in a pasture is getting some action. Look at all the weight I would lose if I had to chase the cow to get that glass of milk. Maybe for TT, glass, cow, milk. Just thinking ahead.

Was Hullaballo a TV show that was on when I was a kid? Wasn't it something like "Laugh-In". So if I am Hullabalooing does that mean I am watching the TV show. I like that one. Yes, it makes sense to me. I used to be a Hullabalooer.

Maybe I better look this up and see what it says. No match exists. Yes, I am on my own.

Hullabaloo, yeah, there is a definiton for this one. It is an uproar or a fuss; a variety TV show on in the 1960's.

So hullabalooing must be that you are causing an uproar, a fuss, or ado.

So when I was trying to talk to you the other day, you should not have been hullaballooing. And I loved that Hula Dance.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alphabet Sunday!


This is my fourth letter of the Alphabet. It feels like I should be done with them all by now. So today it is the letter "h", the other half of the suggestion from The Truth.

The Truth said...
That does seem like a task that is not quite easy :). How about the Letter H. A letter frequently overlooking, yet all the while important in so many words such as Heaven, Hell, and Hops. Mmmmm Hops!

H is the eighth letter of the English and Latin alphabets. It is a consonant. In Spanish and French words it is often silent. Although in French it is also treated as a phantom consonant. It is sounded out like "aich".

The first "h" word in the dictionary is Ha. Ha is a word of emotion or wonder, surprise or joy. The last word is Hysterotomy. It is the operation of cutting into the uterus. I am sure there is no joy in this word, and maybe some wonder of why is this Happening to me. Just a vast difference between the two words.

I Have this Habit of Haphazardly Heading full Hilt into Heated discussions with other Humans about the Hoopla and History of what has caused our current economic situation.

I am a Housewife who Hates to do Housework and would willingly leave the Housekeeping of our Home for a Housekeeper to Handle.

I am willing to Help my grandson do his Homework, although sometimes I have to give him Hints on Humongous words. We have a Humorous time, although he does get Hungry and I have to Hunt for some food to Hopefully solve this problem. He does give me a great big HUG when he thinks he has Hurt my feelings. I am very Humbled by his Honest affections for me.

My Husband is a great Handyman around the House, with a Hammer he can Hang a picture on the wall. His favorite place to shop is Home Depot, he buys Hardware there. He will also take the grandsons to get their Hair cut. He even puts his clothes in the Hamper. He likes to eat Ham but not Hamburgers. If you need any Help, he will be there to give you a Helping Hand.

I am Hardheaded but not Hardhearted. I try to be Happygolucky, and if you let me Hangout, I might even cook you a Hardboiled egg someday. So if you have the Happenstance to meet me sometime, please do not Hang back, or you will miss a great Happening and even some Happiness that day.


Is there a Heaven?
Is there a Hell?
God just gave us only seven,
Days a week to tell.

Where do you think you are going?
This place, that we have yet to know.
Was this the place Jesus was showing?
Hoping you would never sink so low.

Why is everyone always searching for this place?
Praying, and praying that Jesus was right.
Will we be able to find there is a saved space?
When we crossover into the light.

There is so much for our learning.
The Bible is a must read.
To help us with our yearning,
We are so consumed with need.

We love God, and know that someday,
With our faith in him, and a love that grows,
That Jesus will lead us, show us the way,
To this place called heaven, that God knows.

So you must do what Jesus says is right,
Spread his love and glory,
Within this mighty land, day or night,
Always letting others know his great story.

Angels watching over all that you do,
Letting God's trumpets ring throughout the land,
Bringing others to this place called heaven with you.
For we are many, like so many grains of sand.

So with Harmony flowing at this Hour, I Hope that I will Harvest some souls.

So who wants to give me the next "letter"?