Thursday, July 30, 2009

Theme Thursday...........BUTTON

Opal Nation15

I stopped walking and just stood there staring at it. Jason stopped laughing and I knew he wondered what was wrong. So I answered the phone. There was complete silence. Then I looked at my phone and it said I had one missed call. I must have waited too long to answer and it had gone to voicemail. I felt so frustrated, how could I have been so dumb. Then my phone beeped telling me that I had a message. I pushed the button to call my voicemail and it was the Professor. He said he could meet me tomorrow morning at his office.

I started dancing around like a crazy person. Jason looked at me again like I was crazy. Yes, I was crazy. Crazy like a fox, I thought. Finally I was going to talk to the Professor. I told Jason the good news. He hugged me and I hugged him back. Then we turned around and started walking towards my house. While listening to our steps on the pathway, I started wondering what Ben was doing. I tried to call him again, but it rang and then went to his voicemail. I left another message for him to call me.

After saying good bye to Jason and then walking into the house, I went into the library. I loved all the books here and I enjoyed just laying on the couch and reading. But today I stood in front of the large library window. I thought back to one day when I had stood in front of this window while listening to Father tell me a story about Opal Nation. This story was not one I liked or really wanted to remember very often.

Father had been drinking some of his Special Reserve and then he had gone silent. I knew he was thinking of Mother and if I kept silent while standing in front of the window that Father would start talking. I just had not been prepared for the story he started telling me. Father started talking after about fifteen minutes of silence.

He said, "Do you know the whole time we were in Opal Nation, that we never saw any women."

What does one say to a statement like that. I kept silent.

"It was really strange that at first we did not even realize that no women were around. We were so amazed at all the other things we were seeing that it was just something that we did not pay attention to."

Then Father proceeded to tell me that Carlos was the first to notice that when they went into any of the villages that they were not seeing any women or young girls. There were not even any women that were hidden under the covers of cloth or berkas that some women wore during our time. Then the Professor had noticed that each of the houses had what looked like a large courtyard enclosure at the rear. The fence around these courtyards were over 8 feet tall and solid with no gates or windows. They all seemed to have fountains gurgling very loudly to mute any sounds coming from inside the courtyards. But every so often they could hear laughter, but they could not really tell if it was coming from males or females. A few times they thought it sounded like it was coming from females.

Finally Father's curiosty got the better of him and while in one of the villages he had asked the village leader what the women were doing right now. The men standing around talking, all went silent. Father knew he had done something wrong.

One of the men went to reach for his weapon attached to his belt. He unbuttoned the clasp on the belt. Father said he could not stop staring at the button on the clasp. The button was a large opal and he said it had the most beautiful colors, fire red, green bursts, blue spurts. He looked around at the button clasps on the other villagers belts and some were made of opals. Beautiful, dazzling opal buttons. Father sighed with wonder and then tried to figure out what they meant. Father said that later he had learned that if a man had an opal button clasp that he had served at one time in the Kweelee's army who guarded the Opal Nation and all their precious opals.

Then the village leader raised his hand to stop the man. He told the man that Father and the others were not from the Opal Nation and did not know how rude it was to ask such a question about women. The man then reclosed the clasp on his belt. Why was asking about where the women were, something that one of the Opalites was willing to draw their weapon against Father, Carlos, and the Professor?

They then knew this was one of the greatest mysteries of the Opal Nation. Father had wanted to ask the question again, but figured it was safer to keep silent. Plus they had not answered Father's question.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rhyming Wednesday

Rhyming Wednesday
Physical Therapy

Today was the first day of my physical therapy.
This is a necessary pain you deal with after surgery.
I had to drive myself to the place and only had one good arm,
Which is harder than you think, while trying to do no harm.

I had to be very careful when putting the seatbelt on across my lap.
My left shoulder makes that side useless, but I had no mishap.
So safely belted, I pulled out of my driveway, which does not sound like a lot,
But to turn my head to look bothways, was hard to do, I almost could not.

I did it, got out upon the road to drive to my appointment on this date.
And because I took a wrong turn, when I finally arrived, I was late.
They still let me see the physical therapist that was waiting for me.
The first thing he does is check my left shoulder to see if I have any mobility.

I lift my arm as far up as it will go, which is really not far, due to the pain.
I have to move it this way and that way, he is surprised at my movement gain,
For I have been working very hard to exercise and move my arm each day.
I am so proud of myself for doing so well, while on the couch I did lay.

I would pick up that remote and move my arm to face that cable box by the TV,
To change the volume or the channel, I had to use my left hand you see,
For this would force me to use the side that I really just wanted to rest,
But I knew that I had to move it, or I would never get back to my best.

I also had to exercise my shoulder with a pulley, to pull my arm up and down,
Which was not as hard to do as one would think, until the pain made me frown.
I also have to bend my body to let my arm hang there while I circle my hand around.
Just stand there and circle, my left hand circling, not making a sound.

Then I was done with my first shoulder Physical Therapy appointment,
And it was not as bad as I thought, I was glad with how things went.
But Thursday is when I have to go again, and things will be worse for me,
Because that is when the real therapy starts, and the pain, you'll see.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Theme Thursday...........SHOE

Opal Nation14

I took a step closer. I knew I had better try to touch it now or I would never do it. Just a few inches closer. I jabbed my finger into it quickly and my finger was wet. The puddle was real. I screamed out loud, "It's real, it's real." I knew then that last night had been real and the icicle had melted. I almost started to do a little dance. Mother had been here, she had been sitting in the rocking chair, trying to warn Ben and I about something. Just then my maid came running into the room.

"What's wrong? Why did you scream?", she asked me.

I showed her the puddle and said, "It's real, just look at the puddle of water here, it is real."

She put her hands on her hips and just stood there staring at me. She then walked over to the other side of the rocker and picked up the vase and the flowers that had fallen off the little table by the rocking chair and told me, "Of course it is real. I always put water in the vase to keep the flowers fresh.

" I felt so stupid and just wanted to crawl into a hole. I needed to find Ben, maybe he would remember if he had come into my room. I quickly finished getting dressed and ran down the stairs to find Clara. My maid had gone to get a mop to clean up the puddle of water. It had to of been real, that was all I kept thinking to myself. I had really seen Mother and the room had turned so cold. Yes, Ben would know. But right now I needed to eat. My stomach was growling and I almost felt hungry enough to finally eat those eggs if Clara put them in front of me. Almost, although I knew deep down that if she only put eggs on the table that I would still not be able to eat them.

I went into the dinning room and a few minutes later Clara brought me some lunch along with a look. She always worried about me whenever I slept later than nine in the morning. I knew she wanted to see if I was sick and check to see if I had a fever. But then I started to eat the sandwich so fast that she walked out with a smile on her face. She believed that if one was sick than one would not feel like eating, so when she saw me eating so fast, she knew that I was not sick. I wondered where Ben was right now.

He had probably already eaten his lunch because he was not one to skip eating and usually would go into the kitchen and look for something to snack on. Cook always had snacks for Ben. I would go get some of those snacks when I was really nervous and then take them into the library or den and sit there eating, worrying about whatever was bothering me. Lately though, I was trying to lose weight and had not been snacking or eating that much. This is probably why I was so hungry.

After I had finished eating I went looking for Ben. I checked around the house but Ben was no where to be found. I had called his cell phone a few times, but he had not answered. He usually answered, so after a few hours I began to worry. What was he doing that he did not answer his cell phone? I really needed to talk to him and find out if last night was real or just a dream. I almost went to the kitchen to get a snack, but I thought I would go weigh myself. I stepped on the scale and then saw that I had only lost one pound. Well it was a good thing I had stayed out of the kitchen.

Maybe I should call the Professor to see if he could meet me at his office tomorrow morning. He did not answer his phone either and so I left him a message. I then decided to go for a walk. I grabbed my cell phone to take with me and went looking for my walking shoes. I always wore my Asics Gel's when I went walking. I knew that if I went to the Opal Nation that I would be walking for long distances and so I had found that the Asics Gel's made my feet hurt the least after I had taken long walks. I had tried out about ten pairs of shoes before I had come across these shoes and was very happy with how little my feet hurt when I would take long walks.

As I was walking along the pathway, my friend Jason was jogging towards me. He stopped when we reached each other and started walking with me. I told him what had happened and that I was not sure if it was real or not. He laughed at me when I told him the part about the puddle. I then realized how crazy I sounded and started laughing too. Then my cell phone rang, I thought it was Ben, but when I looked, it was the Professor's number that was calling me.

I stopped walking and just stood there staring at it. Jason stopped laughing and I knew he wondered what was wrong. So I answered the phone.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rhyming Wednesday

Rhyming Wednesday

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I promised to try and post a poem each Wednesday and though I wrote this one a long time ago, only a few of you have seen this one. I thought I would post it again. Why I wrote this is below, and yes the person is still working out the problems with the other person. I think it is hard to give up on someone you love(d). I added the 'd' cause I cannot truly say if they still love each other. But either way, everyone involved will have to accept their decision. I can only pray it will be the best one they can make. And yes, I still think the other person is a jerk. And no I am not related to either one, but if I was I would still pray for them both.


Thanks for your tact,
When telling me the fact.
Thanks for your time,
It was not your best line.

Thanks for your teaching,
That some things are far reaching.
Thanks for your little talk,
About how you are going to walk.

Thanks for showing that trust,
Can easily be lost to lust.
Thanks for all that you take,
You have been such a flake.

Thanks for all that you have tainted,
I know that I should have just fainted,
Thanks for putting me in this love triangle,
Was it love, which you did dangle?

Thanks for the loss of tomorrow,
You did not alone cause all this sorrow.
Thanks for never being true,
Now I know that for sure.

Thanks for never being there,
Now I can start going somewhere.
Thanks for that one last trick,
I guess you were not so slick.

Thanks for your dastardly thoughts,
You were not really who I sought.
Thanks for stopping my crying tears,
For now I alone, must face all my fears.

Thanks for one last thing,
Letting me pawn your stupid ring.


Written by Mrsupole

This was written for someone going Through a Transition. I think it explains it all.Tranquil Times are a future Testament to what lies ahead. The Theory being that once the Thorn is Torn out, the pain will Transcend to Tranquillity. Love will Transpire again.

Take care and God bless.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've Been Trying!!

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to stop and visit to say Hi here and there, but it takes a while to type with just one hand, and I am thinking I am just being in too much pain to keep it up. So I have tried, but not succeeded to keep up.

I might be able to do Wednesday's Rhyming by recycling a poem from quite a while ago and Theme Thursday was pretty much written before the surgery and I just needed to tie it in with the storyline. It will be fairly easy to do this. Otherwise I probably would not.

Thursday I am also supposed to get my stitches checked to see if they can come out, which would be nice. But the shoulder pain is very bad at times and other times a little more tolerable. Right now it is not good. But just letting you know that the grandkids and hubby are still here taking care of me.

I will try to keep you updated when I can. Going back on my break right now.

God bless,
aka Mrsupole

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Theme Thursday...........STAGE

Opal Nation13

What had it all meant? Would the Professor believe me if I told him what had happened? I crawled back into bed after a while. I really needed to see the Professor. I hoped that it would happen very soon. Then I heard an icicle fall and shatter! I nearly jumped out of my skin. Was I the only one who heard the loud noise? I listened, but heard nothing. No one seemed to be checking out the icicle falling. It had seemed so loud when I heard the noise, but was it real? Was anything real anymore?

I rolled over in my bed and covered my head with my quilt from Mother. I somehow felt a litttle safer and comforted. But was this feeling real? Was Mother really giving me comfort or was this just a stage in my life that I was going through? Always thinking of Mother and Father so much, then feeling such loss. I knew not where or when Father was. Should I just accept that he was no longer coming back or should I keep looking for answers? Finally I fell asleep.

Why was the quilt covering my face? I hated to sleep with any covers on my face. I quickly removed it. The sun was shinning so brightly into my room. What time was it? I rolled over and looked at the clock on my nightstand, it was a little after one in the afternoon. Something must be wrong, I never slept that late, then I remembered. I quickly sank back into the bed and covered my face up again. Should I peek out and look at the rocking chair, would I see Mother sitting there rocking?

I just laid there and then slowly pulled down the covers and looked up at the ceiling, it seemed safe. Yes, this must be just a stage I was going through, last night had never really happened. I jumped out of bed and started to get dressed. Then I saw it just a few feet from where I stood. I wanted to crawl back into bed and hide again. How could that have gotten there? I needed to find Ben and ask him about last night. But I could not move. I just stood there, half dressed and afraid to move an inch.

This was just a dream, I was not really awake, so I pinched myself. Damn, that hurt! Maybe this was not a dream, or I was pinching myself while I was dreaming. Yes, that is what it was, I was in one of the stages of sleep and was not really feeling any pain, I just thought I was. I looked over at my arm and felt it. I pinched it again. Damn it, that hurt just as much as the first time I did it. And why did it look like I was beginning to get a bruise on my arm where I had pinched it? Maybe I was awake.

I took a step closer to it. It looked real, but I was afraid to touch it, for fear that it might be real. If it was real then maybe last night had really happened. I wanted to touch it, but the fear inside me was so great that I just felt frozen in time. Oh that was great, I am frozen in time, but I wanted to conquer time, I wanted to be like the Professor and master time. But I still could not move. I knew I had to but, I just kept starring at it. It felt like it was looking back at me, starring at me, daring me to touch it.

I heard a door shut, I jumped, I almost ran back to bed again.

"Be brave, be brave.", I kept telling myself.

Strange that no one had come to check on me, usually my maid would have come to see why I was sleeping so late. What had Clara done when I had not come down for breakfast, to not eat the eggs that she would place upon the table in front of me. Why did I not tell her to stop doing that? I think I continued to let her bring the eggs so I would not have to face the fact that Father might not ever be here to eat his eggs again.

Maybe Ben had told them I wanted to sleep in this morning.

I took a step closer. I knew I had better try to touch it now or I would never do it. Just a few inches closer. I jabbed my finger into it quickly and my finger was wet. The puddle was real.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

On A Break!!!

Off To Surgery Today!!!!!

A picture of a shoulder joint the Doc showed, to tell me what he is going to do to.

Well in a little over an hour from now I will leave to go check in for my surgical procedure. For some of you who do not know, it has been over a year since I hurt my shoulder and they are finally going to operate on it to fix it.

They are going to repair a tear in my rotator cup, a torn tendon, remove part of my clavical bone (which they do not replace) and they will also clean out as much of the arthritis and bursitis that they can find. They will also put a shunt in my shoulder that will stay there for who knows how long, I think it depends upon my level of pain, so that I can shoot my shoulder full of the pain meds myself. This way I do not have to stay in the hospital. Just get knocked out, get the surgery done, wake up and hubby will then pick me up and take me home.

Wow, so simple. Ouch, it will be freaking painful. Lots and lots of pain. I hope I can handle it all. Then they said at least ten weeks for recovery time and possibly longer. That really sucks. Ten weeks of Physical Therapy and driving with one usable arm, well I guess you could say I am pretty good at that by now. I just will hopefully not be driving much.

And yes I am scared to death. Lots and lots of fear here. For the past few weeks, the closer it has gotten, the more it was the only thing I could think about. It is the fear of the unknown I guess. That is what is the scariest thing. I do not know anyone who has had this surgery and so I know so little about it.

Well, I just wanted you all to know that is why I have been slacking off in my comments and while I will continue to do that for quite a while, until I heal. I have been reading them and then start thinking about the pain and slip into a little world of my own. Then read another and sometimes I write things or think I wrote something and then cannot find it. Not sure if bloggo ate it or if I really wrote it. But I remember reading it.

Well signing off and going to go get ready. Take care and will update when I can.

God bless.


i am safely home w/big thingy keeping my shoulder numb for 3 days, arm in sling, recovery time is now 3 - 4 months, maybe longer, but i will show them, yup 6 mos or longer, just kidding, i hope for 3 mos. thurs, take out numbing thingy, oh BAD, BAD, BAD PAIN starts. they told me whatever they actually did, more than i thought needed, is the most painful kind to recover from. i think i am even more scared than before. got to go, tears, so can't see. one finger typing takes long time.
thank you all for the prayers and well wishes.

God bless.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Theme Thursday...........GHOST

Opal Nation12

This time we were going to make the changes. Yes, a visit to the Professor was due. Or so we had thought. Changes came to the house, but not the changes we had planned or wanted. Who or what was to bring the changes was something we were not really sure existed.

I climbed back into my bedroom from my Thinking Spot. I felt a chill come over me. This was strange since it was summertime here. I had to get my quilt and put it over me. I felt a little warmer but not much. Each time I took a breath you could see the condensation. What was going on? This only happened in the winter months. Had I already time traveled and somehow it was now wintertime? I looked out my bedroom window and everything looked the same as when I was sitting in my Thinking Spot. I started to shake, I was not sure if it was from fear or from the chilliness.

Okay, I had to think, so I started pacing back and forth across my bedroom floor. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I had not noticed what was happening in my room. A thin layer of ice had begun to form on everything. I could see the cold air rising. I freaked out, I had to get out of my room. I ran to the door but the doorknob was frozen shut. I started screaming and banging on the door. Finally Ben burst through the door, he looked around and said, "What the hell is going on?" He grabbed the blanket that was at the foot of my bed and wrapped it around himself.

With my teeth chattering, I looked at him and said that I had no idea what was causing this. This had to be real because Ben could see it too. I explained to him that I had been out sitting in my Thinking Spot and that when I had come back in, that this is how the room had changed. By now we were both so cold we were standing next to each other trying to keep warm.

"Do you think it has anything to do with where Father is?", I asked him.

"I don't know, but how could it possibly be that?"

"Well maybe he is in this room with us and we cannot see him, but he can see us." Ben looked at me like I was this crazy, funky, weird person.

"Why would Father do something like this to us?" he asked. "Okay sis, maybe there is just something really wrong with the air conditioning system for the house. We need to wake up Clara and see if one of the maintenance men can check it."

"No.", I said adamantly. "How would we explain this if it nothing was wrong with the equipment. And besides that, the whole house would have been getting as cold as it is in here." And as we both looked out my open bedroom door we could see that this was the only room that was getting cold like this. Icicles seemed to be building up along the top of the door and the windows.

My quilt, that Mother had made for me, seemed to be the only thing that was staying warm. Ben's blanket was getting cold too. So I wrapped the quilt around him to keep him warm too. We started hearing a noise on the other side of my bedroom. We walked over to the area and then stood there looking in amazement. My mother's rocking chair was slowly rocking, just the way she used to rock when she was using it. It seemed as if I could see her sitting in it, knitting a sweater for Father. I looked at Ben and he was staring at it as if seeing the same thing I was seeing. I grabbed his hand and he squeezed mine. He did not look away.

All of a sudden I could hear Mother singing along with one of the songs that she listened to on the stereo. Was she singing that "Come on, get down, get funky tonight." song that I and Ben liked? Nah, I was just hearing things. But Ben still looked like he could hear her too.

I decided that if this was truly Mother's ghost than it would not harm us. Maybe she was trying to warn us about something. Then it hit me, had the fires gone out for the people of the Opal Nation? Did the Kweelee no longer control the fires and they were now freezing?

I grabbed Ben and pulled him as close to the rocking chair as he would let me drag him. I started to ask Mother those questions about the Opal Nation, she stopped singing and it looked like tears were rolling down her eyes. I stopped, and knew the only question I wanted to ask her was if Father was still alive, and if he was okay. I just could not get the words out. I just wanted to hug Mother and have her hold me. So I let go of the quilt and went to try and hug Mother.

Nothing, nothing but air was there. The room temperature suddenly changed, no more condensation occurred after each breath. The icicles were gone from the door and the windows. I sat on the floor by the rocking chair. Tears rolling down my eyes. Ben dropped the quilt and left my room, never saying a word. Was any of this real, had I been having a dream? It had felt so real and my heart was aching for Mother, just like after she had passed away.

What had it all meant? Would the Professor believe me if I told him what had happened? I crawled back into bed after a while. I really needed to see the Professor. I hoped that it would happen very soon. Then I heard an icicle fall and shatter!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our True Heroes!!!

One Soldier

One soldier had been fighting for our country in a far off place.
Most of us will never see a picture of his face.
For you see the story about his death was largely ignored by the News,
Because they had gathered up everyone on their crews,
To cover the death of some famous person who had died the same day,
But let us make sure to say, the one soldier, had died in a different way.

The one soldier had been walking near his vehicle, when with a loud boom,
The IED had exploded, this device, that is filled with such doom.
He was one of our soldiers, that would laugh no more,
He would never place baseball again, or help keep score.
Where are the children, that he can never hold or see,
Or the women he loved, a love that will no longer be.

One soldier, who was a volunteer, who might have saved a child's life,
Or what if it was your life he was meant to save, or your wife.
For he is now gone, this man, whose actions said more than words could,
That he loved his country, his patriotic duty, serving the way he should.
He was one soldier, following a family tradition, oh so proudly,
Following his family footsteps, marching steps, they could hear so loudly.

One soldier, whose parents had the visit they all dread,
With it would come a letter, that no parent ever wanted to have read,
Informing them that their son was gone to a different place.
Their sons body, one of many, occupying a part of the planes space.
Flown over from a far away country, for which many do not even know,
How to find it on a map, if you ask them, they could never point to show.

This one soldier, our media passed over to cover hours of a story,
Of one who never served, the media thought he was full of glory.
But the media has missed out on covering our countries true heroes today.
When they should have told the story of all of our soldiers, heroes I say.
They are Fathers, Sons, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Brothers, yes all,
Neices, Nephews, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, who answered the call.

One soldier, two soldiers, three and more, these are the ones we should celebrate,
The lives that they lived, the lives that they gave, they are so great.
Your country or my country, our soldiers do their duty for us, to keep,
Our freedom, to keep us safe, they do it so we do not have to weep.
We can rejoice in freedom, we should show how grateful to his loved ones,
We truly are, for they have given us their daughters and sons.

I hope that you will all pray for one soldiers safety in a far away land,
And for their families, I hope you will give a helping hand.
For this will ease the burden of the one soldier who stepped on the IED,
When looking down from heaven to see that we are thankfully,
Giving the glory and praise to whom it does truly belong,
To each and every soldier, fighting, against what is very wrong.
Written by Mrsupole.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Oh yes, I have been Tagged again.

I've been tagged by Candie as a Queen of Awesome!!

Candie was tagged by The Wizard Queen Otin.
You know Otin who has problems with nuts and thongs.
But Candie has no problems, well except with a coach that does not make her run enough or is it too much. But running is something she has started doing again and she loves it. Candie writes the most beautiful poetry that you feel in your heart. Her stories about family and life affect you in so many ways. They are most awesome and enjoyable. Just read them and you will feel this way too.

The rules for me to be a Queen are:

1. Write a list of 7 things that make you awesome. Dang I hope I find them.

2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that I love. Well that will be hard, I love all the bloggers I visit. Thank goodness lots of you have already gotten this award. Whew, I will say that I am happy you got it and if I give mine to someone you are trying to give it to, then they got a double tag and have to list 14 things, oh yeah, I am glad I only got 7.

3. Tag those bloggers to let them know that they have joined the Royal Queen's land and link back to the Queen Bee who tagged you.

Okay, lets see if I can think of 7 things that are awesome about me in my brainworld. So brainworld thinks......still thinking ... uh... uh... no... uh.. okay lets try this one,

1. She has a brainworld to think for her. (Wow that was an easy one)

2. She smiles a lot. (Everyone who I come across each day knows they are going to get a smile from me, I smile at strangers, I smile at friends, I smile at everyone who looks at me and gives me a chance to smile at them)

3. She is friendly and a good friend. (See #2, when you smile at people you have a tendency to be friendly. It is hard not to be if you are smiling at them and they smile back. A lot of times I have been told, "Thanks" by people, and that I had no idea how much they needed that smile. I think that is awesome if I helped someone to feel better that day.)

4. Okay, I'm thinking again....uh...(1 hour later)...uh, she is growing cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and radishes this year. (This is pretty good for me, since I have not gardened very well in the past. Last year I tried really hard to grow tomatoes and I got "one" tomato. I could not believe after all the TLC I gave that plant, that I only got one. It is awesome at how well I am doing this year. I guess that watering them every day sure does make a difference. That once a week thing did not work too well last year.)

5. This year she will be married 35 years. (Okay, now that is pretty awesome if I must say so myself. My husband is so lucky to have had me stay with him this long. I know he wishes I would leave so he could get someone who knows how to cook, clean and garden, did I say cook, and one that would get a paying job, and one that was actually happy when he came home each night, but what the heck at least he got someone who was loyal, can't cook, can't clean, can't work, and sorta learning to garden, and one that lets him work long hours without complaining as long as he gives her his paycheck. Which I use to pay the bills. Hey I just realized he got an accountant. I don't do windows either, but I watch him do them. I also let him do the shopping. What more could a man ask for? He hit the jackpot when he got me. {oh yeah I spent that too.} Well I do smile when I see him.)

6. She loves her husband. (See I told you he hit the jackpot, otherwise I would have left him and taken all his money. Well I already got that, but his future money. I do the dishes though and the laundry. That's good at least and very awesome. I also drive us everywhere so he can relax on the way there. I tickle him and rub his feet and scratch his back. And when he fell off the ladder into a cactus, I took the tweezers and pulled hundreds, maybe thousands of stickers out. I had to rub my hand on them-ouch- because we could not see them. That was an awesome thing to do.)

7. She has kids and grandkids. (Yes, we have two daughters and 10 grandchildren. Grandchildren range in age from 21 to 5 years of age. Wow that is awesome, don't you think. And they love to come stay with us. Plus here is the most awesome news of all. In October we will have a great-grandson. One that was not expected just yet, but what is done is done and so we will handle it. I just wanted to add that 5 are stepgrankids, just so you people who do math will not think I got married at 14. {I was 12})

So if my brainworld had not worked so hard I would still be trying to find something awesome about me, but I know the 7 of you that I am picking here are totally awesome and will make such great Queens.

So here goes:

1. Linda at Crone and Bear It

2. Jaime at Red Red Whine

3. Betsy at My Five Men

4. T & C at Tristen And Crikey Are Living The Dream

5. Dakota Bear at World Traveler

6. Hazel at The Clever Pup

7. California Girl at Empty Nest Evolution

Whew that was uh, I mean awesome, no it really was fun. I have been known to break the rules, but I think I followed them all this time.

So please have fun all you new and future Queens.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Heaven Poem on Sunday!!

Happy Sunday to you all!

I do not know why but it is almost 5 am and I still cannot sleep and believe me the sites I have visited in the last few hours have some long comments from me just rambling on and on. Just go check out my comment on VE's site. Sorry VE, it is that new tea from India that hubby bought, it has caffeine and I am not use to caffeine. It is like my brain is in hyper-drive. Oh no, this is making me think about that tax stealing "man" again.

All right I think my brain needs to go to a "better place", so I thought I would search through my old posts to calm it down. So here is a poem I wrote a long time ago and I think I should repost it so I can read it again without go back through all my old posts.

So here it is and I hope that those of you who missed it enjoy and for the couple who saw it I hope you enjoy it again.


Is there a Heaven?
Is there a Hell?
God just gave us only seven,
Days a week to tell.

Where do you think you are going?
This place, that we have yet to know.
Was this the place Jesus was showing?
Hoping you would never sink so low.

Why is everyone always searching for this place?
Praying, and praying that Jesus was right.
Will we be able to find there is a saved space?
When we crossover into the light.

There is so much for our learning.
The Bible is a must read.
To help us with our yearning,
We are so consumed with need.

We love God, and know that someday,
With our faith in him, and a love that grows,
That Jesus will lead us, show us the way,
To this place called heaven, that God knows.

So you must do what Jesus says is right,
Spread his love and glory,
Within this mighty land, day or night,
Always letting others know his great story.

Angels watching over all that you do,
Letting God's trumpets ring throughout the land,
Bringing others to this place called heaven with you.
For we are many, like so many grains of sand.

I hope everyone has a nice day today.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

This Makes Me Proud!!

I received this in an e-mail and I think there is no better day to share it. This honors one of our soldiers who fought for our Freedom. All of them should be honored this way.

Happy Independence Day to you all!!

In Tennessee we really do pull off the road and stop for funerals......nobody moves until the last car has gone by. What follows is a message from Vicki Pierce about her nephew James' funeral (he was serving our country in Iraq ): However, the most incredible thing was what happened following the service on the way to the cemetery.
We went to our cars and drove to the cemetery escorted by at least 10 police cars with lights flashing and some other emergency vehicles, with Tennessee police handling traffic.

Everyone on the road who was not in the procession, pulled over, got out of their cars, and stood silently and respectfully, some put their hands over their hearts.
When we turned off the highway suddenly there were teenage boys along both sides of the street about every 20 feet or so, all holding large American flags on long flag poles, and again with their hands on their hearts.

We thought at first it was the Boy Scouts or 4 H club or something, but it continued for two and a half miles.
Hundreds of young people, standing silently on the side of the road with flags. At one point we passed an elementary school, and all the children were outside, shoulder to shoulder holding flags kindergartners, handicapped, teachers, staff, everyone. Some held signs of love and support.

Then came teenage girls; and younger boys, all holding flags.
Then adults.

Then families. All standing silently on the side of the road. No one spoke, not even the very young children.
The military presence, at least two generals, a fist full of colonels, and representatives from every branch of the service, plus the color guard who attended James, and some who served with him, was very impressive and respectful.
But the love and pride from this community who had lost one of their own was the most amazing thing I've ever been privileged to witness I've attached some pictures, some are blurry (we were moving), but you can get a small idea of what this was like. These photos are awesome !!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Theme Thursday...........FUNK

Funky Monkey!!!!!!!

I am in a funky mood today with a migraine and so to look at a bright computer screen really put me in a funk.

But I wondered what I could find that was funky. I found a lot of things but I liked this Funky Monkey fruit company.

They have a freeze drying process that maintains nearly all the flavor and nutrients of the fresh fruit and creates a fun crunch. It comes in different flavors too. Bananamon, Carnaval Mix, Jivalime, and my personal favorite right now, Purple Funk. And three of them are organic. What more could one want. Uh, maybe real fruit.

Wow if that is not a funky way to process fruit. It really makes me want to buy some and try it. But since I am in such a funk right now I think it will have to wait.

But because I live in earthquake country, this really does sound like something to keep in my earthquake kit. Well that would be if I had one. And they have lowered the price, which makes it even more appealing.

I am just wondering if any of you have seen or heard of Funky Monkey fruit snacks before. Please let me know what you think, would you try some Funky Monkey or not?

It states that it was sold at Whole Foods stores and I have never been to one of these stores. Maybe I will need to do more research. I want to try a banana that crunches when I eat it.

One thing I did find out is that there are a lot of 'funky' things out there. But I think this is the only one I might be willing to eat.

I will be by to visit your TT's, but I cannot keep looking at anything brightly lit up right now. So I will crawl back into my funky little womancave where it is dark and safe. Wait what is that thing hanging down from the ceiling? Whew, just a big spider, thought maybe I went to Batman's Cave there for a moment. I need bug spray, why could this spider not go into the bathtub like all little good spiders go. But I guess it is better than the dream I was having about giant cockroaches, ewwwwwww. And in the dream I would kill one then another one would come out to take it's place. Yes, that was a funky dream.


Have a Funky Theme Thrusday!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rhyming Wednesday

Rhyming Wednesday

A Wild Rose

Twas there,
This place, that I saw the picture of a single wild rose.
In the picture it looked as if it was making a pose.
Oh the rose is so delicate looking, all by its self, all alone,
The colors look like nature put them in a matching tone.
I wonder, this place, is where.

Twas there,
The picture of a wild rose among a sea of leaves that are green.
The wild rose stands out calling and saying it wants to be seen.
The petals are light pink, with darker pink running in the veins,
And shadows outward from the veins, flowing with the grains.
I wonder, is this place near.

Twas there,
The picture of a wild rose, with no scent for me to smell,
I closed my eyes and pretended it was there, it was just swell.
The scent was very dainty, it wafted up to my nose so very softly,
Rising inside to my very senses, touching me inside so very hotly.
I wonder, is this place taking me somewhere.

Twas there,
In the center I could see the little areoles, spreading outward from the center,
Waiting for the bees to come do their duty, waiting for the bees to enter.
This single wild rose has not lost a petal, at least not one that I could see,
Which makes me think this is a young wild rose, thinking, pick me, pick, me.
I wonder, if it would be taken to a place right here.

Twas there,
In this picture that I noticed the leaves were such a beautiful color green.
They know that they are just there, and sometimes, if lucky they are seen.
For they are the backdrop, like paint on a wall, there for the sight of the wild rose,
Seen but not seen, until each petal falls, down where all the fallen petals flow.
I wonder, if it will come back next year.

Written by Mrsupole.

To visit more Rhyming Wednesday posts and to sign up, please visit here.

And to visit the picture of the Wild Rose click here or 'there' above.

Thank you Michael Rawluk for a beautiful inspiration.

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