Thursday, June 24, 2010

TriAngles of Life!!


Awakened, her eyes popped open. Her throat was burning. She could taste the peanut butter and jelly sandwich she had eaten the night before. Slowly she sat up in her small bed, the thin blue blanket dropped to her lap. She didn't even notice because the pain in her throat was so intense.

She crawled out of bed, then made her way into the bathroom, and while she was looking for the matches, she almost collapsed on the floor.

Damn peanut butter and jelly sandwiches had been bothering her so much lately. What was she going to eat if she could not eat them anymore, she thought as she lit the candle sitting on the toilet tank lid. She was barely making it with the little pension the newly formed government gave her. She was one of the lucky ones because she was allowed to work part-time in a bakery and so she was allowed to sneak the end pieces of the loafs of bread home to her room.

She opened the medicine cabinet and found the small bottle of Tums that she had bought the week before. There were only three tablets left. She filled a cup with tap water then took one of the tablets and broke it in half. It would have to do. She slowly sucked on the Tums. It was almost like eating a piece of candy. She had not had any candy in so long that she had almost forgotten what it tasted like. When the Tums had melted she drank the glass of water. She almost spit it out because it tasted so bad, but she had no choice, she had to wash down the acid that was burning her throat. Slowly she walked back to her bed and crawled back in, pulling the thin blue cover over her tiny frail body.

As she lay there, she remembered.

She remembered when things were different. She had once lived in a nice house with her husband and son. They were not rich but they were not poor either. Her husband owned a small business that was doing okay. They had saved enough to send their son to a good University and he had become a Doctor. He had moved nearby, and was working at the Hospital in that city. They did not see a lot of him because he was so busy, but when they could, they would visit. He eventually got married and had three children.

Oh how she had loved her grandchildren and even her son's wife. She was the daughter she had never had. Her husband and she had seen more of them then their son, and it was okay. The grandchildren had become a very important part of their life.

Then slowly everything changed. The leader of their country somehow convinced the government that they needed him to stay on as their leader, and because the military backed him up, the others kept quiet and went along with it. He had told everyone that he wanted to change things, and he had changed "Everything". Soon the government was taking over the banks, big businesses, the oil companies. They slowly worked their way into forcing most companies to need the governments help to stay in business. They changed how everything was done, and soon enough it seemed like the government owned everything.

Her husband had to follow so many new rules and regulations for his business, that he was forced to work long hours. Then he had to pay for the medical benefits for all of his employees, so he laid off a third of his workers to do this. Everyone had to work longer hours, but they did not get any extra money. What choice did they have, the government told them they had to have the medical benefits or they would have to pay out of their own pockets. They figured it was better if her husband paid, instead of them paying.

Everyone kept quiet because they had heard that those who complained had disappeared and no one had seen them again.

The only good thing was that her son had been on the side of the rebels, and when they had split the country up, with the rebels taking over more then a third, her son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids had been living in that part of the country.

She had not been allowed to speak to them or see them since that had happened. But rumors had been going around that they lived as she had once lived. They were free! They were not slaves to a government that never seemed to have enough from it's people, and a mad man as their dictator, who pretended that his citizens were free.

About four years after the take over, her husband had died of a heart attack. The government doctors had said he was in poor health and had not taken care of himself as they had directed. She knew better, she knew it was due to the stress and that they were barely surviving. The government taxed them to death. They taxed everything they possibly could. Then when you could not pay the taxes they took over. They then owned everything, and you worked for them. But you were not really one of "those government workers", the ones who really worked for the government, and were paid a ridiculous amount of money for doing almost nothing.

Everyone had watched this happening to their country. The triangles of life had changed. Once upon a time you were born, you lived a nice life and then you died. Now you were born, you died inside every day, and then your pathetic life was over. Well unless of course you were one of "those government workers". They still had the great triangle of life to live.

She had done nothing to fight it, she had listened to her husband telling her that everything was fine. Well it was not, she had nothing but a room, and every day some peanut butter and jelly to put on some bread. Once she had found an egg and she wanted to eat it so much, but she had no stove to cook it on. But she was smart, she found a tin can in the trash and cooked the egg inside the tin can, while holding it over the candle. She thought she had died and gone to heaven. She had even saved the tin can just in case she found another egg. So far she had not.

She lay there in her bed with no pillow for her head, the blue blanket too thin to warm her frail body, thinking of her son and how her life would have been if she had listened when he had asked her to go with him and join up with the rebels. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, as she rolled on her side, she closed her eyes, praying that she would not wake up. She missed her husband and wanted to be with him. She slowly fell asleep.

An hour later her eyes popped open, her throat was burning again. She thought to herself, those damn peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

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Update:::::We just had a really good earthquake as I was sitting here reading posts. It was at 5:14 am. A rolling movement and then a big jolt that bumped me up. Guess I will see on the news what size it was. It was a 3.3 with the epicenter near here. Anything over a 3.0 is big if you are near the epicenter. God bless.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have had Cameras!

My Camera History!

I started out trying to look up the history of cameras and to find pictures of the different types of cameras. Whoa, I did not know how hard that would be to do, well at least for me any way.

Then I started to realize that I sorta had a camera history in my house, but like the candy I always hide my cameras and it would take me a few weeks to try and find all of them. Honestly it would, because I have so much stuff and I just cannot seem to get it organzied into any sort of order. That was why I was just hoping that I could find pictures of the cameras that I have owned, and it seemed that would be easier. Well it's not. I have now given up. Yup, I surrendered to my lack knowledge for finding things on the internet. Actually I have very little knowledge to surrender.

So I will just try to write a little bit about the different cameras I have had. This year Hubby and I will have been married 36 years and so that is a lot of years worth of cameras. Plus the years before we got married I had cameras. Lots of years and lots of cameras.

Here are the ones I remember.

We had at least two or three different Poloroids the ones where you took the picture, pulled out the film and waited for the film to develop. I remember when my parents first got one of those, for us, it was like watching magic happen. So Hubby and I had to have our own, and then replace the ones that broke, hence more then one.

I had an Kodak Instamatic 110 where you loaded it with a little cartridge and the film went from one side of the cartridge to the other. That was cool, mostly because you did not have to mess with loading the film. The cameras before that you had to load the film and then wind it on the spindle like thing and shut the door then turn the knob to advance the film. It was not an automatic advance and after each picture you had to wind the knob to move to the next picture. It did take us a long time to take pictures that way. So the Instamatic was pretty cool, but it was just a simple camera. We then got a camera that was an Automatic and you just hit the button and it advanced the film. Really cool and you could take pictures faster. Then they came out with the Kodak Disc camera and we just had to have that one. The film was on this round disc and you put it in the camera and the disc circled around until the last film slot was used and then you put in a new disc.

Now all these cameras were just pretty much just basic cameras and nothing really fancy. Then when we came back from Panama, one of my Hubby's friends sold us a very expensive Pentax camera along with all the equipment that was available for that camera. It had a telephoto lens, and different colored lenses. It had this thing and that thing. We had paid $350.00 for that camera and that would now be equalvivalent to paying a few thousand dollars at least in todays market. I did not use that camera that much because I was intimidated by how hard it was to use all that stuff. I liked to use my simpler cameras and even though the pictures were not that great they were good enough.

Eventually when the Video Movie Recorders came out we bought one. And for some reason the cameras just got shoved to the side because we just recorded movies everywhere we went. Movies were so much better then pictures. Then one day we realized that no one was watching the movies and so we stopped. Hubby went out and bought me this beautiful Pentax IQ 160 to take on our Alaska cruise, but then we noticed that a lot of people were using some kind of digital cameras. Hubby then wants one of those, and he buys a Pentax Optio MX, but is is kinda hard to figure out and so we rarely use it. I tell him I just want a simple camera and so he buys me an HP Photosmart camera which I really like. But it does not do very good with closeups and so a few years later we buy another Kodak camera that has a great zoom lens and is easy to use.

All is well in the camera land but then I get me a Karma phone and it takes pretty good pictures and so I hardly use the HP or Kodak because the phone camera is even easier. About six months later I get the iPhone and that is it. This is now my camera of choice. I have now downloaded about 8 phone apps and so basically have about 4 different types of cameras. One with zoom, one for night shots, one that has some kind of low light flash, one that takes them and adds borders, and the others do different things too.

I have put the other cameras away and just use my iPhone camera. Oh and it has video on it too. I guess you could say that I have had a variety of cameras over the years and participated in camera history, but I think the one thing that I like about using the iPhone camera over all the rest, is not because it takes the best pictures, it doesn't, but the best thing about it is that I can share the pictures with friends and family immediately. Because if you think about it, that is why we take the pictures in the first place. We want to share something in our life with our friends and families. Don't you just love technology?

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Candy Fanatic?

Candy In The House!!!

When I was growing up, we rarely had candy in the house. It is pretty hard to keep any candy in a house with seven kids. And if you somehow were to sneak a piece into the house, then you had better be willing to share, or be able to hide it really well.

Since I became an adult, I have had to keep candy in my house all the time. Not because I eat it, I can go days without eating any, pastries are my preference. But I keep candy in the house just in case I might want to eat it. I know this shows that there is something wrong with me, but it is too late to change this habit. Besides the grandkids think this is the best problem their grandma could possibly have.

I hide almost all of the candy in my house, mostly so that I do not eat it. I think I might, if I didn't hide it. Well okay, it is not really hidden all that well, it is just inside the cabinets here, there, and everywhere.

I was going to take a picture of the places I have candy. I took five pictures and then realized that if I took a picture of every spot then I would have about 30 pictures. I have candy hidden everywhere. I buy a bag and then I hide it, and then another and another. Many bags are not even opened. That means the grandkids haven't found it yet.

Here are Tootsie Rolls and Jelly Belly's in one cabinet.

A very large bag of chocolates from Costco (That's why I have so much candy, I buy large bags from Costco).

These are the only ones I do eat. If you have not tried these then you do not know what you are missing. I eat one every few weeks. They are so good.

These Puffs melt in your mouth, but sit in the box in another cabinet.

These are sugar free truffles, just in case someone with diabetes needs a piece of candy. But look I put these in a candy dish and they sit out in the open. No one seems to want these, but they are pretty good.
I even have candy in my freezers. I have about 50 Coffee Crisp candybars frozen, just in case I want one.

I think that if you came to visit and could not find a candy that you like, then you are just not looking hard enough, because I am fairly certain it is here, hidden somewhere.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Got Blackberries?

Blackberry Cobbler!!!

A few weeks ago I was at my favorite Costco store. I went over to the book section to browse as I normally do. I just like to look at the books, and touch them, I think I have even tried to smell them a few times. As I am walking past the cookbooks I spied this book called "The Pioneer Woman Cooks", I grabbed it as quickly as I could and put it into my cart. So far all is good, Hubby has not noticed it. We get all the the way to the checkout line and Hubby still has not seen it. Out the door, and I get it safely home. Yippee, it's mine.

Oh, okay, I admit it, Hubby lets me buy what I want, but I like to pretend that I got away with something. Something is seriously wrong with me, I know, but what can I say, I like games.

I seem to also collect cookbooks even though I hardly ever cook, but lately I have been making a sorta effort to cook. I read the great stories in the book and saw this recipe for Blackberry Cobbler. It looked easy and it looked yummy. So tonight I thought I had better try it before the fresh blackberries I bought go bad.

Look what happened.

I made a blackberry cobbler, something that I have never made. Now I have made peach cobbler a few times and it was easy because I used already prepared pie crusts. Easy as pie. But this recipe is different, I actually have to make the topping from scratch. And this topping is easier than pie. It is more like a cake. It also is not a topping because it is put in first, and then you add the fruit.

The other good thing about this recipe, besides being easier then pie, is that it says you can use fresh or frozen fruit. You can use blueberries, peaches, and raspberries to name a few.

All I can tell you is this is yummy for the tummy. Almost more like a fruit cake cobbler then a pie style cobbler. So if you are at a loss as to what to do with any leftover fruit, go here for the recipe. And go to the Pioneer Woman's blogsite for lots and lots of recipes. Oh yeah, her stories are great too.

Gonna go get another piece and eat another one of my fruit servings for the day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do You See The Kiss?

Kissing Clouds!!

I wondered how many would look up and see the kiss,
For I thought it was fairly easy, not something one could miss.
The lips touching, caressing what looked to be his mate,
Floating so high above, possibly at Heaven's gate.

I wondered where they had come from to appear so quickly,
Would I have been able to see them through clouds more thickly?
As I watched the kiss go on and move across the blue sky,
I knew that there was something special about this guy.

I wondered why he was willing to kiss her for all the world to see,
Was his love so great, that even up here, together they must be?
Alone, must have been a thought of which he could not abide,
Searching for her everywhere, wanting to keep her forever at his side.

I wondered how long they would stay together as a pair,
Would they disappear, never to be seen again, was it fair?
They had just found each other or so I had thought,
Lost in the clouds, together again, kissing, was it for naught?

I wondered how I could keep them together for all eternity,
And I knew that there was only one way, I am sure you will agree.
Quickly, I took the picture that would never let them grow apart,
Always keeping them together, sometimes I'm so smart.

I wonder if you can see them?

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