Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flowers For All The Mom's!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, I wish....

I know not what special gift to buy for today,
I have asked, but nothing needed, you say.
I am at a loss again, as to what to do,
Since I just want to show you how much I love you.

I wish I could give you the younger look
You once had, but there is no money in my checkbook,
For the good doctor to change a perfect face,
That has always been there for each kiss I place.

I wish I could give you that big house of which you dream,
But when I opened up my checkbook, I let out a big scream,
Realizing that after filling up the car with gas,
I no longer had any money, alas!!!

I wish I could take you on your dream vacation to the south seas,
But it will have to wait, until I pay the taxes the government levees,
On everything they can get away with for their spending habit,
For nuns they are not, they just go to your work and grab it.

I wish I could buy you that expensive gold necklace,
But spreading the wealth is that they tell you what place,
That the government wants your money to go.
Jewelry for you or me, the government's answer is "No".

Mom, I wish I had listened to the many things you said,
Talking to me, not understanding where the changes led.
But now I do see the great lessons you once taught,
And how you pray it was all for naught.

So Mom I do see the greatest gift I can give to you,
Is to carry on, and teach our family and others too,
That our freedom is the most precious gift I can give,
The assurance that you will always be free, in how you live.

I love you Mom!!!!!
Hope you enjoy the flowers.


  1. lovely verse mrsu...if i could i would reach through and give you those flowers myself for all your warm encouragement the last couple years. i hope you have a beautiful mothers day!

  2. Hi! Mrsupole...
    You know how I feel already...However, I'am still here to you, a very warm, peaceful, and pleasant Mother's Day!
    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  3. Aww hope it was a happy day for you to. I'm an orphan as well, Miss my mum I do.

  4. Hey Sherry,
    Just wanted to stop by and pay you a visit, hope all is well, I love your work, keep it up.
    Stop by any time, I love your comments..


  5. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  6. I just cleaned out my spam box from blogger and there were a ton of comments in it from you! I didn't even know since blogger sent them directly to spam! Thanks for all the words over the last few months! Geesh! Blogger...can't live with if and can't live without it! Hope you are doing well!


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