Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wittle Wee Ones!!

Time Takers!!

These two little wee ones have been taking up almost all of my time since moving in with us. How could they not? I mean just look at my youngest grandkids. Okay, I mean I cannot stop looking at them or holding them.
I cuddle, feed, and burp this little wee one as often as I am allowed. It is pretty hard to put her down sometimes.
Okay, when not holding the Precious wee one, I am chasing the bigger wee one. He gets into everything and I mean everything. I have to watch him like I am a hawk and have an owl's head to where I can twist my head around to see him every second. Just look at him tear into that chocolate egg. After that I really had to chase him.

Anyway I wanted to let you know that I just get back to where I can make comments and write posts again, but I now do not have the time. This one attacks my laptop if I get it out and turn it on. I have to guard it every second it is on, so I just gave up and keep it put away. And when he goes to bed I need to go to bed. I need to protect all of my stuff that he has not already destroyed. But mostly I want to keep him safe.

He smiles, my heart melts.

She smiles, my heart sighs.

I will try to visit everyone when I can, well as soon as I can find a safe place for my laptop, which is not on my lap. Miss you all, I hope you miss me too.

God bless.


  1. the little ones are adorable!! EmmaLou has her own blog now - come visit!


    xoxo Linda

  2. oh we miss you...but seems you hands are full of good things...have fun!

  3. They are just so beautiful! I wouldn't blog either, I would just play and play and play with them!


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