Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

Dear Dad's,

I miss you both on this Father's Day.
I wish you were here for me to hug,
to hear me say how much I love you.
I wish so much that will never happen any more,
but I can remember the things that once were.
The times you spent with me over the many years,
and the things you took the time to teach.
I can only hope you know that you are remembered and loved.

I love and miss you both.

God bless.


  1. smiles. thank you can be a heavy day for those that no longer have their fathers...i am glad you had them...

  2. Very nice poem. It's a reminder that we should never take our dads for granted. I loved the comment your left at Crone and Bear It. So, I had to come by, pay you a visit, and follow you!

  3. Hey there, it is so good to here from you. It is so wonderful that you are able to enjoy your grandchildren as much as you do. I just had my oldest grandson for the past week, It was great. He is 6 years old and he ran us ragged, but we enjoyed it so very much. My son lives so far away, that we are unable to see them that often, so we try and take advantage when we do have him. They are wonderful.

    Insofar as Obuyme, I am so worried that he will get reelected. I just can't believe that there are people who still support him. Obuyme is working hard to tear down our economy.
    Remember Russia was not defeated on tje battlefield, their economy collapsed, as did tje Roman empire, does it sound similar?

    Take care and stop by anytime.


  4. Hi! Mrsupole...
    Your reflection(s)about your fathers is/are very heartfelt and very warm...
    I agree that all we will one day just have is memories to hold on to when are (and even us) love ones move on in this life. I'm so glad that you have returned too!
    Take care!
    deedee :-)


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