Saturday, July 23, 2011

Laughs Needed????

Warning, Warning, Laughter Is Coming!

Back in December I read some words of wisdom from a Smart Mouth Broad.

It was about a new afternoon TV show called "The Talk".

SMB called it her new obsession. I decided to record the show the following week. I have not missed one since. I am equally obsessed with this show. I think it was meant to be an alternative to The View, which I would never be able to watch even if I was awake. Just seems like too much whining and complaining for my tastes.

Whereas The Talk is with five female hosts and sometimes a male will substitute for one of them. It is what it would be like if a group of neighborhood women got together for coffee in the early afternoon. Everyday somehow seems to be different and fresh, plus these women are friends in real life and so they bag on each other the way only friends or family can do. This is usually done within the first half hour and some days I laugh so hard that I almost pee my pants.

Plus they get stories out of their guests that most hosts would not. And they are always giving their opinions about things that have "allegedly" happened. These are their opinions, not that of the television station. No one can say "allegedly" like Mrs. O.

I would tell you to go back through the archives and watch some of the past shows, you will be thoroughly entertained.

They have now removed a few controversial ones, but they were so funny and I am saddened they had to be removed, but I guess a few people were insulted and the removal occurred.

It is on at 1:00 pm on CBS and if you cannot watch it then please record it however you can. I guarantee that you will have laughter for an hour. And if you do not have any TV, then you can watch them at

Just add it to your favorites because you will be coming back to see more. Oh did I tell you that you can win gifts on their website.

Even if you are a man, you will enjoy this show, plus it will give you a good insight into how the females in your life think. I almost always learn something new each day. I would give this show top ratings if I was rating it.

I hope you join me and SMB in our new obsession. You will be glad you did. I guarantee it.


  1. i have actually watched it a few is enjoyable...i think i read the same post by SMB...

    how are you? been smoking hot here...104 for two days in a row...ready for cooler weather for sure...

    working a ton, busy time of year for counseling...

    anyway thought i would say hi while i was here. have a great saturday!

  2. I've never heard of it! Seems like I never have the tv on except for the news! ha.

  3. It is very Entertaining to say the least Sherry, I record it when possible.
    It sure is hot down here in South Texas.

    For your FYI, I have started a new blog, I am still fine tuning my page but please store the new address, it is Stop in when you have a chance, like I say it brand new site, I bought tje domain, it will be fun. I am keeping Shady as well.

    Take care, I really enjoy your blog.

    Gid Bless

  4. Hey Sherry

    I have seen it and yes it. Is very entertaining to say the least, my wife and I watch it in the evening hours we do enjoy.

    For your. FYI, I have started a new blog, called
    It is at I will still be posting on Shadys Perspective
    So stop by please, when you can.

    God Bless You

  5. Oh yes! We do need some laughs these days! I've never heard of this show, but then, we don't have cable! I'm glad you gave another link. I will check it out.

    Good news! Our temps are only to be in the 80's today, and down to 60 tonight! Brrrrrrr. Might have to turn on the furnace!! LOL

  6. I never heard about it :(
    However... thanks for the link..!! I am definitely gonna watch some episodes of it :)

  7. I agree it can be amusing - I like Ms O I'm just not a big fan of talk shows hmmm

  8. Hi! Mrsupole...
    Oops! I'm so sorry about the delayed comment, but I'm on one Of the worse computer known to man-kind[not mine, but a relative...]

    With that being said, unfortunately, I haven't watched this show yet, but thanks, for sharing the link I will follow the link.

    Thanks, for sharing I too hope that all is well with you too!
    deedee ;-D


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