Thursday, October 27, 2011

Theme Thursday.....THRILL

A Thrilling Ride!!

This is similar to my 1969 Chevy Malibu, but mine was a light blue.

I was a soldier in the U.S. Army many years ago. During my AIT training in Oklahoma I decided I needed a car. I was stationed on a large artillery Fort and after nearly being abducted while walking home late one night, I knew I would be safer driving instead of walking. I found out that perverts existed even back then.

I called my family in California and they had a car for me. I just had to come home and drive it back to the Fort. No problem, I convinced two of my friends to go with me. We flew out to California on Friday of Memorial Day weekend thinking we could easily make it back to Oklahoma before Tuesday morning. And that would have been easily accomplished if we had left Saturday night. But oh no not I, never can I do anything the easy way.

For many years my parents had driven many times to Chicago or Indiana to visit family. Usually we made it within three days with both parents taking turns to drive. So in my mind to drive to Oklahoma in two days seemed like a piece of cake. Did I give myself two days to drive, nope not I.

This was during the time of the Vietnam war and being AWOL during a war is not a good thing. So here we are in California, my friends wanting to see everything they could in what little time we had. My family not wanting us to leave. So we stayed longer than we should.

Here it is Sunday night and still home. My friends did not know how to drive, so they would be no help. My dad decided that he and his friend would drive us to Albuquerque and then they would fly home and I would drive the rest of the way. How bad could that be? I could do it, no problem.

We get to Albuquerque and drop them off at the airport on Monday evening. Looking on the map and seeing how far I had left to drive was pretty daunting. But I was determined to not be AWOL and told my friends to not worry and just hold on.

In California we had two speed limits on our freeways. Daytime speed was fast and nighttime speed was 10 mph slower. It was funny how at night only the slower speed showed on the signs but you could see them both during the day. So I was pretty much used to speeding on freeways and I have always liked the thrill that comes with speeding. If women had been allowed to be race car drivers back then, I might have tried out.

I remember my speedometer on my '69 Malibu went up to over 140 mph. The main thing I remember about driving back to the Fort was looking at the speedometer once I was in Texas where the land was flat, and seeing the dial moved as high as it could go. Everything around us was a blur. Now back then we were not required to wear seat belts and so we didn't. My friend in the front seat had her head on the dashboard and she kept saying, "Wow, wow I didn't know we could go that fast." I just kept asking what time it was and for them to keep track of the miles left to get to the Fort.

Somehow, someway of which I am not sure, we made it to the gate of the Fort at 6:30 am on Tuesday morning. We rushed to our barracks, changed into our uniforms, no time for showers, and got to our class by 7:30.

To this day I still have no idea how fast we were actually traveling but I can say that was a drive I am thankful I never had to repeat. Okay, I do have to say that I have gone very, very fast on the drives to Vegas, and I am not admitting how fast, but maybe I was addicted to the thrill of driving fast in my younger days. But it is hard to drive under 80 mph on a freeway here in California without everyone trying to run you off the road. So what has made me slow down lately? Saving gas! I have discovered I am too cheap to want to waste my money on gas. I am so thrilled to save money.

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  1. whoa....went that fast one time....i was in the jump seat of a patrol car on my way to a break in, on a meandering 2 lane running out into the country...crazy ride...

    i would have to say you definitely trip the thril meter mrsu

  2. Wow! that kind of speed would have my heart in my mouth and feeling weak and dizzy, surely not for faint hearts like me!!!! :-o

  3. crazy. but some people feel that need for speed

  4. wow...yes, I would classify that as a thrill for sure! Whoa.

  5. Madness! How were you on the drills when you got there?

  6. Boy, does that take me back to my more reckless driving days!

  7. Talk about taking a step back into the good old days, when a Five spot would fill up your tank, with money left over for a burger and fries. However my vehicle was a. 1951 Ford F1 pickup. But what could you expect from a farm boy. I just recently found a 51 Ford F1 that I am going to remodle, that is until I got under the weather and have been fighting doctors XRays etc.

    Hopefully will be back blogging full time. I just wanted to stop by and visit you since it has been a while. Hopefully I will be back to normal real soon.

    Take care Sherry, stop by at "Shady's or
    God Bless


  8. Now, that is just downright crazy! I'm glad you made it back in time. If I was with you, I would have been scrunched down in the back, praying silently that it was not my day to die!


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