Thursday, November 17, 2011

Theme Thursday.....TREASURE

A Treasure Trove!!!

It is funny when one becomes a parent one thinks there is
no one
that you can love more than your own child.

Then one day, one becomes a grandparent,
one realizes that you can love someone
more than
your own children.

Plus, there are usually more of them to

I have adult grandchildren all the way down to
these two wee wittle ones.

Can you think of a greater treasure than
the smiles on their face
when they see their

We, the grandparents of the world know there is
no greater treasure
in the world
than the love of a grandchild.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Theme Thursday.....GOURD

A World of Gourds

From Wikipedia

While looking up gourds on the net I was surprised to find so much info that my mind was going bonkers. I had always associated gourds with those hard shelled decorations at a grocery store during the fall season or for sale at specialty stores to use as planters or bird houses.

I had not a clue that a gourd refers to a plant with a trailing vine such as squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, and melons as a few examples.

Now these are some of my favorite fruits and vegetables.
I mean who does not like a sweet watermelon or pumpkin pie.

I like squash.
I cannot say I love squash, but I do like it.
And Butternut Squash soup is really good, if made properly.
My problem is that I buy a package of squash every year at Costco and
every year I try out a new recipe.
And we have one bowl full of soup and we are done.
Only one year did I make a good recipe.
The problem was that I just took a bunch of recipes and made my own.
I never wrote down what I did and I have never been able to do it again.
I try fresh butternut squash, this cut squash, frozen squash,
and still have problems.
I will try one more time and then I guess I will just go back to zucchini.
I have a really easy recipe for zucchini.

Shred zucchini,
put in a saute pan,
add butter,
saute for a few minutes.
Doesn't even matter how many you use,
because you just adjust with the pan and butter.

And if you need a gourd dessert,
Well go to Costco and buy their
Pumpkin Cheese Cake.

Seriously though,
there is a whole world that use and depend on gourds.
For thousands of years humans have depended upon gourds,
and maybe mankind's survival happened due to our ability to
adapt to the use of gourds.
Well except for the poor people who made the discovery
of the poisonous gourds.

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Oh and if you have a really good Squash Soup Recipe,
please, please share it. I need one desperately.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Theme Thursday.....GADGET

Have you seen this Gadget?

Here a gadget,
There a gadget,
Everywhere a gadget!

If you saw this gadget in a store would you know how it is used?
I did not have a clue.
I finally saw what was pictured on the package.
It was an avocado, does that help?
I then had to read the directions to really figure it out.
The green end is to remove the avocado seed.
The other end is to slice the avocado while still inside it's skin.
You start at the large end and just slide it to the small end.
And the next thing you know you have perfectly sliced avocado slices,
Perfect for sandwiches or salads or just to eat off a plate.
It takes less than a minute to slice the whole avocado into
Beautiful perfect slices.
Something almost impossible to do with a knife.

I would recommend this gadget for every avocado lover out there.
Seriously worth the seven dollars.

As to gadgets everywhere,
Well, I love gadgets, especially kitchen gadgets.
I have lots and lots of them,
I think I have turned into a collector of kitchen gadgets,
which is funny because I only cook sometimes.

If you are thinking of buying a kitchen gadget and want to find out if it works,
check with me and if I have I will let you know how it works.

So what kind of gadgets do you collect and which one is your favorite?