Thursday, January 5, 2012

Theme Thursday.....CHANGE

Change what?

I wonder what I need or want to change.
Do I need to make changes?
Probably so many that to post them would take a year.
Would I change my past?
Maybe but then I might screw things up even more.
Okay, needing changes does not work for me.

So what do I "want" to change.
I want to change our Tax System!!!
I have done a little research about this,
okay maybe a day's worth.
Well I have decided that I would like to change to a
Flat Tax System.

Not necessarily the one you hear others talk about.
The Flat Tax System I would like is one where
everyone pays a flat rate on every dollar earned.
Let's say 12%.
It does not matter how you earn that dollar,
be it through a job, capital gains, savings, lottery,
selling something, gambling, etc.
There are no write offs for anyone.
The best thing about this is that we no longer have to
fill out any tax forms.
The IRS only has to make sure everyone is paying the
same amount for every dollar earned.
Every paycheck they take out 12%.

No more worries about April 15.
Tax man is paid all year round.

Okay, this is what I "want" to change.
Here is my prayer:

Oh dear Lord,
please help everyone to see the light.
The light that ends
the day the tax man cometh.

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  1. i hear you on the flat tax...i think they will make it up in other taxes though unless you are advocating getting rid of other taxes...and can our government run on such a paycheck to them? i dunno.

    i think our government needs a major overhaul honestly, they are far too disconnected from the people they represent. i think we should get rid of lobbying personally. corporations should not be allowed to buy votes.

    i dont blame the current administration as these issues started well before them and we have had insufficient answers from either party...and right now they are both acting like spoiled children unwilling to work together in the sand box...and making stupid decisions based on party over the best for the the income tax recently

    anywho, guess i better stop...smiles.

  2. a point made clear, best wishes for your prayers.

    glad to see you focus on details of change in your personal belief.
    keep it up.

  3. Hi Brian,

    Wow that is one of the longest comments I have seen come from you in a long time. And yes I would say that this should be the only tax for the feds. And for the states a 2% flat tax. There should be a local sales tax for the cities and counties but it cannot go above 8% ever. And all these nickel and dime taxes they have all over the place need to go. It takes half a page to post these taxes on our utility and phone bills. Geez when did we let this happen.

    And I hear you on the lobbyists, they should be totally made illegal and there should be term limits for every government elected official. So much stuff that is abused by incompetent people and so much fraud by crooks. Welfare should be temporary and training should be available. Limit how many kids we pay for and any extra kids that's on them, 3 should be the most. I guess we could go on and on but our sucky government can't or won't fix anything. There needs to be no more "Parties" thing because it seems they both do crappy jobs. And if we had as small of a government as possible, wages paid should equal their civilian counter part and the workers actually worked and if they did not then they could get fired (what a concept), then maybe they would not need so damn much of our hard earned money.

    Anyway I get sick of hearing Warren Buffet say he wants to pay more taxes but doesn't and his secretary pays more per dollar earned then he does. I figured this would be one way to shut him up and then he would have to pay the same per dollar earned as his secretary. Everyone is equal in this country. No more 99% vs 1%. It is all 100% equal. Those occupiers need to occupy the government buildings. Maybe then things will change.

    I better stop now, geez!!!

    God bless.

  4. Interesting take on change and a flat tax...agree we need some change in that area.

  5. Nice composition, I like the light, delicious colors. Saludos.

  6. Every time I think of how wrong the IRS is and we cannot do anything about it ... it makes me want to do more than scream and shake my head! Great post on change ...

    Happy New Year!!

  7. As Benjamin Franklin once said "There is nothing as certain in this life as death andddd taxes" You just can't get away with missing either. LOL
    We need a few present day Robin Hoods, take from the rich and give to the poor....LOL
    Nice change!

  8. My main beef with flat taxes is the issue of equity of distribution. Ultimately, one cannot deny that the marginal value of income declines with the amount of income (i.e. the last $100 of income of a family living on the poverty line is a lot more valuable than the last $100 of income of a billionaire). The illusion that taxing that income at the same rate despite the enormous differences in the marginal value of money is in some way more equitable or 'fair' is silly.

    That said, there's no doubt the US Tax Code could be vastly improved upon!

  9. I agree with you on this. But you should see our tax system here in Canada..its an all time high. At least, we get to see and enjoy the benefits. Still its pretty high ~

  10. Taxes are low in Greenland...

  11. I want to change the president...does that count?



  12. I agree with you on the flat tax system. I also agree with you on term limits for elected officials. Too many in Congress have been there too long. Out with lobbyists too. I do think we in the US should have MORE political parties than the Democrats and Republicans. There is too much divergence within each of those parties. Each party could at least be divided into two separate parties, i think. (Other countries have more viable politcal parties. I often wonder why not the US. What is so sacred about our two present parties?) However, I doubt this will CHANGE in my lifetime. Sigh.

  13. Ha! So true: "No more worries about April 15.
    Tax man is paid all year round."

  14. As a reformed tax return preparer, I say get rid of the Internal Revenue Code and start over. A flat tax would work if it stayed a flat tax, but just like the Code, someone will get the bright idea that a special interest group deserves a loophole. That exceptions should be made for certain subgroups of taxpayers. And then the tax system will be just as convoluted as it is now.

    The more money an individual earns, the less valuable each dollar becomes. There should be a hefty surcharge for ultra-milionairs/billionaires who hoard cash/income. An investment tax, so to speak. I think this is a paraphrased quote from Hello Dolly. "Money is like manure. It does no good unless you spread it around."

    Okay, I'm over my rant...

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on change in poetic form.

  15. LOL! So, was it taxing to write that fun poem? :)

    And thanks so much for your fun contribution to last week's Limerick-Off!

  16. I wouldn't change a word in your verse. :)

    And thanks so much for your fun submission to last week's Limerick-Off.


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