Thursday, February 16, 2012

Theme Thursday.....BUBBLES

So Many Bubbles!!

I watch the Home and Garden channel because I like seeing all the different houses. One of my favorite shows is House Hunters. I like how one couple will hate something and then another couple might love it on another show. But the one thing I have seen just about everyone go crazy over is a jetted bathtub or Jacuzzi as most call them.
See picture below.
Jacuzzi 60"L x 32"W x 20-1/4"H Luxura White Rectangular Whirlpool Tub

About six years ago when we needed a new bathtub we chose to buy a Jacuzzi bathtub. We knew that most people put their Jacuzzi spas outside, but this was a bathtub and goes into one's bathroom. You do not realize all the extra things you need to do to install it. You have to have special electrical outlets installed and to make sure your circuit breakers are current. You need more space than a normal sized tub. Insulation is also helpful and I totally recommend you get the heater to keep the water warm and steamy.

Okay, you are saying whatever, who really cares.
The little kids care that's who.
Because the one thing a bathtub Jacuzzi does that an outdoor one doesn't, is it makes
Lots and lots of bubbles with very little bubble bath soap.
Turn those jets on and in a few minutes you have bubbles overflowing everywhere.
The kids have now disappeared inside the tub, covered by mountains of bubbles.
The kids outside the tub are reaching inside popping all the bubbles they can.

I have found that while the two year old wee wittle one is here I have to wait until he is asleep before I can take a bath.
If he hears those jets turn on, he becomes a young man on a mission.
Go find the bubbles and then go crazy playing with said bubbles.
And being a good grandma, I feel it is my duty to provide him with lots and lots of
Although it does get to be a problem when I have turned into a prune.

He just looks at me with such a sad face when the bubbles are all gone and I really do want to give in but being a prune is not the best feeling.
And one would think that playing with bubbles for an hour would get boring for a two year old but nooooooo way.
Although I must say that the joy and laughter that comes from him while playing with
is worth every drop of bubble bath soap we buy.
Being a grandma is one of the greatest joys in life.
Providing bubbles.....priceless.

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  1. I can't imagine taking a bath without bubbles. They don't last long in a regular bathtub though.

  2. how fun....i love jacuzzi tubs...def want one one of these days....and have seen the results when you put bubbles in one as well....i might just get to be like a kid myself thinking about it ha!

  3. that 'a young man on a mission' It is a whole load of fun though :)

  4. Oh yes! some of the greatest, most childish fun can be had in a giant tub full of crazy bubbles...

  5. I miss the joy of taking a bath with the tykes when they were little. This TT is really bringing out tender reminisces by the parents who blog. I bet your grandson is a pistol.

  6. The bubbles do go a bit mad when those jets get blowing.

  7. I practice swimming so I can not go long without a shower or bath at home. For me that tub would be a superfluous expense. Greetings.


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