Thursday, February 23, 2012

Theme Thursday.....DOUBLE

Double, Double!

I discovered Wrigley's Double Mint gum
was a special gum,
an important gum,
before most of you were born,
way back
when I was a kid.

I discovered that it's flavor
lasted double
the amount of any other gum,
especially bubble gum,
way back
when I was a kid.

I discovered if I put it back
in it's wrapper very carefully at night,
that when I awoke in the morning,
I could chew it again that day,
way back
when I was a kid.

I discovered if my mom found out
that I was chewing
my gum again
that I had to spit it out,
way back
when I was a kid.

I discovered I saved money
by chewing my gum
double the amount of time,
and being poor it was worth it,
way back
when I was a kid.

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  1. This double is absolutely nice dear!!!

    I find this metric system hope is good for you, anyway when I put I 1 kilo is about grames
    so I said 1,400 are 1400 grs, of sugar anyway here is the link is in onzas, tell me is good for you or I find other!

  2. This is how I made then jams, for 1 kilogramos (1000 grs. ) I calculate about 700 grs. of sugar or 800 if you like more sweet, but in this case like have chopped apples arent acid. I used 2 kilogrsmos of raspberries so is 1.400 grsmos, tell if the link is ok, xx

  3. make yourself sound ancient...but i know all about saving gum...some times treats were few and far between depending on the month...

  4. I remember the jingle "Double your pleasure, double your fun" and the Doublemint twins.

    "Used" gum sounds disgusting to me, whether it is in the wrapper or stuck under a desk.

  5. Are you working with the finances now? Just kidding, it was a nice letter!

  6. I love double-mint gum ... very nice!! However, I never have been able to make myself save gum for another time ...
    Here is my double!

  7. I did that to when I was a kid. Once I put the gum on the table next to the bed and when I woke up it was stuck in my hair... I had to cut it off!


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