Thursday, March 22, 2012

Theme Thursday.....FIXTURE


I cannot think of a greater fixture attached to a piece of land,
that if ever moved would affect so many in the U.S.,
a fixture which represents freedom to all who see her.

I have one ancestor who saw her when arriving in the U.S.,
while the others were here before her time.

I know she meant a lot to all of them after
she became a permanent fixture for those seeking freedom
and I hope she will continue to be a fixture
for those seeking freedom in their own country.

Slavery is alive and well out there in our world,
it is just hidden better than ever.
Be it slavery to a religion, the sex trade, drugs, slavery to tyrants,
or even slavery to one's family or spouse.
Probably more slavery exists then we could comprehend
in this day and age.

I can only say to those who see
The Statue of Liberty,
that I hope and pray that we will be by your side
in your quest for freedom.

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  1. slavery is alive and well in our world...some more obvious than others but...and sad when it is to a family member as well...ugh...was not thinking along those lines...

    sorry to hear you are not feeling good as well mrsu...the pollen was getting me a bit yesterday and i usually dont even have allergies much...everyone was cutting grass all at once though so it was thick in the air...

    thoughts for you.


  2. I love this gigantic sculpture since childhood is a symbol that was engraved in me.

  3. I have only seen it while riding a ferry to Brooklyn, but I stood at the edge of the boat staring at her in the distance. Beautiful, majestic, and it made me very proud.

    Wonderful idea for the TT topic!!!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. More slaves than ever, they say.

  5. I agree completely, slavery is still there. Here in India, you will find many people who are treated as slaves and they dont even resist it because it earns them there daily bread.
    I really feel sorry for all this and just hope someday this all would come to an end..


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