Thursday, March 15, 2012

Theme Thursday.....SEASON


Clouds in the sky?
We are in our rainy season,
which for Southern California is not much
compared to most places.
But for us to have any rain is a good season.
Many years ago we had what is called
"El Nino".

During that time we were saying,
"Rain, rain, go away, come again another day."
Days and days of rain, was more than we could handle.
But I think we would appreciate a baby
"El Nino".

Years of going through a drought has taken it's toll on our farmlands.
It keeps the cost of produce expensive for the whole country.
Our country needs a break with everything costing
more than ever during our history.

Good news is that Northern California is getting lots of rain and snow from this storm
and so hopefully our states water table will be high enough to
help the farms in Central California but here in
Southern California we still need water.

I think we can count our rainy days so far on one hand,
so two and a half days of rain is a blessing.

Good news:
Last year we got one orange from our new orange tree.
Right now there are about 50 or more blossoms on the tree,
so if the winds from the rain do not blow them off then
maybe we will get enough oranges to make some orange juice.
We will have to see how orange season goes.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. yay on the 50 blossoms or cool to have your own orange tree...we used to have one behind our house in FL and used to love eating them right off the tree with my son...

    glad of the rain for those farmers that need it...drought is now fun when that is your livelihood...

  2. wow... 50 oranges..!!!
    In Indian.. due to its warm climate we can't have orange, grape or apple trees.
    I wish I had my own tree :( :(
    BTW.. nice pictures... and please do share some of your oranges with me :) :)

  3. Yes. So yes! Your northern CA pal(that's me!)is getting a lot of rain, a good thing...I know. I just don't happen to really like the rain. Oh, and tonight the forecast is for thunder, lightning, and hail. Goody...not. :-( Lightning scares me, even though I am supposedly a grown-up.

    Good luck with those orange blossoms.

  4. No shortage of rain down here in Tasmania. Could do with a dry day once in a while. That said, it's no fun when it's always sun...

  5. We've had wonderful weather all week, and the weekend is cloudy and foggy, miserable.

  6. Well we have had great weather so far, our crops are doing well so far, God has been wonderful to us and we will always follow him as he has never failed us.

    I have changed the name of my blog name on TexasBrady to the Right handed Cowboy, the URL remains the same however, the only difference is the blog title

    God Bless stop by when you can


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