Thursday, April 19, 2012

Theme Thursday.....IMAGE


When I see this image
I see the pool where I learned to swim.
It looks so small
but the first day I had to climb into it,
it looked as big as an ocean.
And having almost drowned at an earlier age
I was scared to death to climb into that pool.

When I see this image
I see the pool of which I am so thankful
to have learned to swim.
I see a friend.

Now this image below....

I see my dream product.

My only problem is that I think if I buy one now then
next year they will come out with an even better one.

I think they have a name for those who always want to have
the latest version of whatever technical item they are into.
I think I am one of that group.

I have looked into and compared this new iPad to other tablets
and I am almost ready to make the plunge
but now I cannot figure out if I need it to have 4G or not.
Although I am leaning to the "not" version because
having an iPhone kinda makes having 4G a little redundant.

If you were choosing a new tablet which one would you buy?

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  1. ooo i want one of those too...and cool perspective shot on the town...see the baseball stadium and the track....ack on almost drowning...

    1. Hi Brian,

      This is an aerial shot of my high school taken a few years ago. They built the stadium while I was going there and I ran around that track many times. Played softball, volleyball, tennis, golf, archery, all the different sports associated with track and field. I was pretty good at the high jump and long jump. There are basketball courts that you cannot make out. In the gym, the building just below the pool, they taught us gymnastics, modern dance and more basketball. But swimming was the most important and the only sport we did all four years.

      When I went there the school was surrounded on two sides by orange groves and when our parents had moved us to that area while I was in grade school, we cried because they had moved us to the farmland. There was also a big dairy farm about a mile from our house and more orange groves. It is funny because this city is only about 20 miles east of Los Angeles. But that was XX years ago. Man had not even landed on the moon. We did not even have a color TV set or air conditioning. Yikes that was, oh I can't remember anymore.

      And it is funny because we had to wear dresses and skirts to school. No pants allowed. But at high school they had "Casual Friday's" and we could wear a nice pantsuit, you know like Hilary wears. My senior year they ended the dress code and I think it was hard to find a girl in a dress after that. Although we did wear mini skirts up to our butts. We had to have matching underwear or you were sent home.

      Yes, we were the pioneers of change, well you know being the hippies and peace, baby, peace generation and if you want to see a pic of me back then giving that peace sign then go here: Seems silly now but we thought we were cool. Just scroll down to about the middle of the post.

      This image brings back many thoughts and years of walking those hallways, even in summer school. A lot that I would like to forget but most of them I am happy to remember.

      The school has changed in that it is all fenced in and locked down when the students are in school. Actually I think it that the students have changed in that they have to be forced to stay in school. The California school system sucks for the most part. We rank in the bottom five school systems. We were in the top when I went to school. Very sad that things have not improved.

      Anyway just some thoughts on this image.

      Thanks for the "ack" on me almost drowning, it was scary.

      God bless.


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