Thursday, April 12, 2012

Theme Thursday........ORGANIZE

Once my life was organized,
organized like these bricks.
Then something changed,
I am not sure what exactly.

It could have been many things.
My life suddenly became disorganized like this firewood.
Too much stuff and no place to put it.

So I must find a way to organize,
or get rid of things,
as one would do with a pile of logs.
Although I am not sure I want to burn my stuff
or even get rid of it,
but I do need to organize it the same as this
pile of logs needs to be properly stacked.

Then again being disorganized is okay too.

What about you, are you organized or disorganized?

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  1. i like to call what i have controlled i know where everything i need may not be able to find it but...smiles.

  2. Dear Mrsuople really I try, always I try but sometines nothing here is organized:(
    But always think this is iportant to God (ha) I dont believe especially like you in this moment dont feel well, allways think God only ask us that we can do, not more LOL
    Thanks for stopping by! and hope you feel better!!:))


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