Thursday, November 15, 2012

Theme Thursday - POSSIBILITIES

Possibilities, yes, yes, yes!!!

NO, NO, NO, no excuses here.
Get your butt to a meeting instead of a party,
if you think you have a problem.

Tis the season for drunk drivers to stay off the road.

Please think of all the possible lives you will be saving!
Maybe someday someone will go to a meeting
and save one of your family members lives.

They recently had a drunk driver driving in the wrong direction
on one of our freeways here in California.
He survived, but the two women he hit did not.
They showed us the vehicle they were in.
It needed to be seen.
The young lady in the passenger seat was pretty much gone.
I mean gone.
I am not even sure how they knew she had even been in the vehicle.

All of her possibilities gone in an instant when
the drunk driver decided to drive, 
no one stopped him.

Yes, the drunk person you stop from driving may take a life.
I hope you decide to stop this person and save a life.
I am sure the family and friends of these two women wish someone 
had stopped this drunk man from driving.
Such a waste of possibilities
the guilt of knowing you could have stopped this person.

Drink responsibly!!!
Save a life!!!!

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  1. luckily there was no alcohol involved in the wreck we are dealing with here...but have lost a few friends this season over the years to being unintelligent when under the influence....def do whatever you need to stop them...even if they get might save a life...

  2. I don't see the fun in one drinking oneself sick.

  3. I loved the message in this piece ... well done !!!

  4. extremely important message! thank you!


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