Friday, November 2, 2012

Theme Thursday - STORMY

A Storm Is Coming!

A storm is coming!
The winds are a blowing.
The tide is rising.
The trees are starting to sway.
For the storm is soon coming!

A storm is on the way!
The dust is starting to swirl.
The leaves are twirling with the wind.
The deer are running far away.
For a storm is heading this way!

A storm is on the horizon!
Look up, the clouds are moving.
Little drops of rain are dripping.
Because the rains are here this day.
For the storm is bringing water today!

A storm is moving faster each day!
It will be here before you know it.
Washing away the stench, the decay.
As it cleans the past down the drains.
For the storm is here, then gone away.

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  1. this is about election day...smiles....there is a lot of anticipation of the storm coming...and then its over and we are left in its wake....i feel for all those in sandy's path struggling....was listening to news of the gas shortage up there right now...ugh...

  2. Hi Brian,

    I guess you say it is about the election but I was trying to picture a real storm when I was writing it. Maybe because I can not wait for the election to get over I was also projecting some thoughts about it too. I feel so sorry for those people and how they lost just about everything they own. But can you imagine being the Mom to the two toddler boys who got swept out to sea. Mother Nature is stronger than we are and there is nothing we can do except get out of her way.

    Living below the Cajon Pass and having to deal with the Santa Ana's on so many days each year, I know how scared the winds can make you feel. But we do not usually have any flooding or rain. And days of the winds blowing does take its toll. Fine, fine sand everywhere, especially when it gets into your eyes, all over everything in your house. And the Internet goes out comes back then out again. Storms are great in some ways and they suck in other ways. Even political storms suck. I will be so glad when this one is over.

    God bless.

  3. Yeah mrs.upole you are living differents types of storms so hard; here we have. Someones too lol

  4. The last few lines are very powerful. Enjoyed the read.

  5. Storms of any kind are never fun. I'm looking forward to the storm being over tomorrow night! We had some high winds and rain due to Sandy, and ended up with a little water in our basement. But, that's nothing compared to what many other people are going through.

  6. Sherry! Look at you still blogging away, still full of ideas, still rhymin' - love it! I did think of a real storm and didn't make the connection to the elections.

    Thank you for your comment - I can tell you got the message I was trying to convey.

    I am planning on taking a different direction with my work. I am tired of the same old imagery. Took me quite some time to struggle through the last one and am not really convinced by it... Go figure: the post before that was a YEAR earlier! :-o

    Not sure exactly where and how I want to go, I just know I'd like a change. Maybe start out with some good old paper and pencil, away from photo references. Something like that. I hope I'll find my mojo again - I miss it.

    Wow, I am really flattered that you took the time to comment after my year of absence. Thanks, Sherry, and I hope I'll be able to fix that coding problem you keep mentioning.

    The kitties are fine, still hatin' on each other - that means everything must be alright. :)

    All the best!


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