Thursday, February 14, 2013


Rare Gold
Avon's Rare Gold is one of my husband's favorite scents.
So I try to wear it when we go out.
Some scents cost a lot,
while others are free.
I think nothing smells better
then the scent of you, at least for me.
But then again,
the smell of a little baby,
after they have had a bath,
is a most precious scent you see.
When walking in a garden,
smelling all the scents surrounding you and me,
I find some scents are so tantalizing for our senses,
almost as if we are busy honeybee's.
As we walk around downtown
taking in all the different sights to see.
The bakery, the deli, the restaurants and Farmer's Market,
these scents send us on a search for some tea and coffee.
Although once we are back home again,
safely ensconced, lying in bed, snuggled so sweetly,
tired from all the affection lover's do,
I know why you are my favorite scent, at least for me.
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  1. scent is such an evocative the smell of i def think it is a part of intimacy....and flowers...and babies def have that scent...mmm...nice....

    happy valentines mrsu...smiles.

  2. Yes. One of my favorite clients makes her own soap, scents, perfumes. Her shoppe is a pleasure.

  3. Wonderful scents! All enhanced by the bakery and baby, of course.

  4. This is so romantic ... just loved it !!!

  5. Great sense in deciding the best scent, there. Nice one.

  6. Lovely composition...wisely done!:)


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