Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm Having an Affair!!!!


Yes, I am having an affair.
It started around the middle of December.
I am not even sure why it happened,
but it did.

It is wonderful just in case you are wondering.
And yes, this is my first affair, I must confess.
Well maybe not, but it really is one that I needed.
Yes, I "need" this affair.

I know most of you think a married women
should not be having affairs.
Well it just happened and there was nothing I could do about it.
I had no choice,
something just came over me,
my body and brain started it.

It is funny that at around the age of 6 I began to think about this affair.
I used to wonder what it would be like to have it happen.
Sometimes I would lay in bed and seriously think how happy I would be if it happened.
I know I started these thoughts at a young age but I was advanced for my age.
I kept these secrets thoughts to myself and had never told anyone,
well maybe I did tell my mom a few times,
and she actually hoped it would happen someday.
I think she wanted to have an affair like this someday in her life.

I know that hubby has noticed something is wrong
but I do not think he can quite figure it out
for I mostly have this affair when he is gone.
It would be harder to have it when he was here.

I am so in love that at times I cannot contain myself.
Have you not noticed the difference in my writing?
Maybe I should write some songs about it.
Affairs seem to be big business when written about.

I woud take some pictures to show but I do seem to be occupied
during these great times.
And pictures of me in bed at my age are not what they used to be.
Besides then someone might try to blackmail me
and I know hubby would eventually find out anyway.

And the thing is, I do not want to end this affair.
I want to have it forever until I die.
This just shows you how much I am in love.
It makes me blush just thinking about it.

You see I suffer from insomnia and since I began this affair
I have been able to sleep.
As a matter of fact, I cannot remember sleeping this well
since I was that child dreaming of this affair.
Usually I would lie in bed for hours,
and just pray that sleep would come.
But now I actually fall asleep soon after my head hits the pillow.
And before I would wake up within a few hours,
and the whole process would start again.
But since the affair started, I sleep for longer periods of time,
and if I do wake up I fall back to sleep fairly quickly.
It is so blessedly wonderful.
I highly recommend that all insomniacs have an affair like mine,
it will change their lives.

Although they may not want to have my kind of affair.
For you see I have been so sick with something
that is causing me to sleep many hours each day.
I am constantly tired, stay in bed most of the day,
and I am sleeping.
It is truly a wonder to be able to sleep so much.
I really do hope Doc never finds out what is causing this affair
because I do not care.
To be able to sleep and fall back to sleep is totally worth this special affair.
Although I am not getting much done,
I do not seem to care because I just want to sleep.
Oh how much I envy those who can sleep.
But I guess they can now envy me having an affair!!!!
Psst....please don't tell my hubby.

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  1. hahah...rather funny mrsu...but hey if it helps you to sleep...i thought though it was men that fell asleep right after...grins...

  2. A funny affair indeed ;-)
    Nice one.

  3. But what if hubby would join in? Hmm?


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