Thursday, March 28, 2013



This is my cat Joey.
He is a rag doll cat.
This means that when we pick him up
he goes limp like he has no bones.
It is a rather weird feeling when you pick him up the first time.
There are dog lovers and cat lovers,
and some that love both cats and dog.
We fall into the both categories.
Now cat lovers know they cannot train their cat
in the same way one trains a dog.
While the cat knows that it is going
to have some fun training their owners.
You can train them to go into a litter box,
but I think they go into there because they like
to take care of business in private and to do it in a clean place.
They do not fetch, sit, meow when you want,
they will not come to you when you call them.
And yet we still try to train them.
Somehow we just love the punishment they dole out to us.
Cat lovers have this in common.
We just accept that is the way a cat is supposed to be
and we just love them.
Especially when they sit on your lap and purr.
Purring is how they control us.
We are the ones trained by the cat.
Trained to clean out the litter box,
Trained to feed them and only food they like.
They have us trained in how to spoil them.
It is a complex relationship, cats lovers have with their cats.
Just watch a cat lover the next time you see one.
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  1. ha isnt that true...our cat has trained us fairly well...and knows how to be annoying to get what he

  2. I love Siamese cats. Had one for fifteen years before he had multiple system failure and the kindest thing to do was send him to the Rainbow Bridge. My father had one which he walked on a leash.

  3. Oh yeah, it's the purring. Or the sweet affectionate nuzzle with their face on yours. Melts your heart and there is no turning back. haha.

  4. I am trained in much the same way with my dogs!

  5. Personally, I am a person who likes both but I doubt if there is an animal that I don't like. My dream house (if I lived alone) would be a shed in the desert where the animals could come and go as they please. I once knew a man that had a trained cat. He just told it do what ever it was doing and they got along just fine.


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