Friday, March 8, 2013


The Shape of Things!

There is an app that comes on your iPad, 
I think the new iPhone, and on the new Mac Books.
It is called Photo Booth.

You can take an object or person 
and instead of taking a picture of how something
looks in real life, you can change it's shape.
You have nine different choices from which to 
change the shape.
They are Squeeze, Kaleidoscope, Thermal Camera,
Twirl, Normal (yup this one is normal), Mirror,
Stretch, Light Tunnel, and X-Ray.

When I first got my iPad one of my grandsons was spending
the weekend with us.
He took the iPad into the bedroom where hubby was
watching TV.
Next thing I knew they were just laughing like crazy.
I mean laughing as I have never heard them,
well except when someone is tickling the grandkids.
I had to go see what was so funny.
I found them both on the bed with the iPad,
snapping a picture, then laughing at it.
I have to admit the pictures were hilarious 
and all we could do was laugh.

But our funniest experience was with our 
3 year old grandson.
We had put the iPad on the Photo Booth and given it to him.
It was on the front facing camera so he could see
how his face was changing.
He started freaking out and trying to give us the iPad.
We were laughing so hard that we barely could take it from him.
But at the same time he was freaking out we were snapping the pictures
so we could see what he had been looking at.
When we looked at the pictures we laughed even harder,
he looked like some kind of space alien,
and was kinda scary looking with his face shaped rather weirdly.
We tried to show him his pictures and he would just run away.
Then his little sister comes to see them and
she just laughs with us.
We took pictures of her and she kept laughing.
No fear in that girl.
We are in for lots of trouble with that baby girl.

The two items in the picture above are
the cover case for my iPad and a real alien.
Actually I cannot figure out what the alien looking thingy is.
I just like how it is shaped like an alien of some kind.
And if you get a chance to use Photo Booth,
have fun changing the shape of every thing and everyone.

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  1. ha. these are a lot of boys love to play with my dads...i dont have one to play with...i have played with the app as well though...and we have def shared a laugh...smiles.

  2. Reminds me of the old fairground attraction with the distorted mirrors. Great fun.

  3. 30 years ago, we could have never imagined how much fun phones would become! haha. :)


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