Monday, May 6, 2013


Praise the Lord

I am finally feeling better.
I feel well enough to write comments
for all of your TT posts.
Still sick as a dog but a little more energy.
The Rapture is something all Christians look forward to,
and when it happens then they will all rejoice.
If you are not a Christian then the Rapture means
very little to you and you will probably not rejoice.
Whether it is true or not only time will tell,
as every religion has their own beliefs.
We have no idea which one is true or if there
is one at all.
So I guess we must have faith in the religion you
choose or do not choose.
Even among Christians there is not a total consensus
as to what will happen or when.
And so once again faith comes into play.
What faith do you have and
does your faith help you to get through
good times and bad times?
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  1. i dunno...i am not a fan of the escapism that comes with the rapture and the exclusion it gives from making our world a better place...if it happens, great, if not...i will still be spreading the love...smiles

    glad to hear you are feeling better....

  2. Glad to here your feeling better. Enjoyed your post and faith is the place we all need to have a place for when we get a little confused.

  3. I have faith in the universal powers of a bit of peace and quiet! I hope that you are feeling better.

  4. Nothing is more content and rejoicing than god, he cares and protect all.


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