Sunday, June 23, 2013


Happy, Happy Days

For most of the children the summer vacation just started a few weeks ago and they are happy little campers.  Most of them will be going on family vacations or going to visit relatives that they cannot during the school year.

Some will go to summer camps away from their family.  I remember the one year we went to a summer camp for a week.  I was still fairly young and had not really spent any time away from our parents.  Even though I had my brother and sisters at the camp it was still a strange and scary place but at the same time it was kinda fun.  We did mostly crafts and walked around the campground to see things of nature.  I have never seen a movie about summer camps that had the same feeling that ours did.  I mean it was not that far out of the city, it was just in the hills outside of the Los Angeles basin areas and I am sure the area is filled with expensive houses nowadays. But back then if you drove 20 miles east of L.A. then you were in "farm country".  And yes they were real farms.  I know because they moved us that far and my high school was surrounded on two sides by Orange Groves which I think turned into housing tracts.  And a mile from my house was the huge Dairy Farm.  We cried because they moved us to "Farm Country".  We were city girls.

But I think that any child today is lucky to go check out a farm and see the country.  Summer camp can do that.

Celebrating summer is a great thing to do.

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  1. summer camp is where i learned to sail...and hold jelly fish...its cool to get away from fam like that...and it can teach you things you never would have learned otherwise...summer is def a time for joy and now that i am teaching i am home with my boys in the summer which is cool...

  2. summer camps..the boys scouts...the good old days were great. This story brought back some great memories.

  3. camp is great! I only went once but have wonderful memories!

  4. summer camp is great!
    ah, your post brings back so many sweet memories...thanks.

    have a wonderful rest of your week:)


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