Thursday, July 18, 2013


A Hot Bite!!!

We are going through a heat wave here in Southern California but after watching this video I think what this lady went through was a little hotter than our heat wave.  I think I will never look at "cherries" in the same way again.

Someone who shared this said to be careful when watching this because you might pee in your pants from laughing so hard.  I have to say that I am really glad I had gone to the bathroom before I watched this video.  So be prepared, I cannot remember laughing like this in a long time.  And every time I think about this video I start to giggle.

And sadly our heat wave is still going to be over 90+ degrees here in SoCal.  If I had lots of money I think I would be visiting the Southern Hemisphere right now.  Winter sounds so cool right now but not the really harsh winter weather.  But anywhere that is around 50+ degrees sounds so wonderful right now. 

What about you, what are you doing to stay cool?

And let me know how much you enjoyed the video.

Just watched it again and tears are rolling down my cheeks and I need to go to the bathroom.

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  1. yep its been smoking hot here too...the rains last week made it a sauna this week as the heat came on...hahaha she is a trip...hahaha...i be dead, i be love hot peppers but i have def tried some that are

  2. surprise...surprise...surprise...gotta love those cherries and someone who knows what they are...this was funny

  3. Well, I have HAD some of those hot peppers; and they definitely can take a person's breath away. I truly could empathize with the young woman in this video!!


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