Sunday, August 11, 2013


Chills From Iced Coffee

I have never really been a coffee drinker, well until I discovered Iced Coffee.  Although I do like Chai Latte but I am not sure if that is part of the "Coffee" family or as I think it is part of the "Tea" family.  I love my teas and have never really been interested in coffee.  Then one of our daughters bought us a Keurig Coffee Maker and so I felt that I should at least try and use it.  It just seems like buying the little K-Cups for tea is a waste of money.  So I have tried many flavors of the coffee that is sold in the K-Cups and only seemed able to drink it if I added a lot of hot chocolate mix with the coffee.  Although I think I seem to be drinking Hot Chocolate with some coffee.

Then I saw something about Iced Coffee last summer and tried it but wasn't really sure if I liked it.  But at that time I had not tried those flavored "Coffee Creamers" which this winter I was adding them to my chocolate coffees.  There is a whole world of Coffee Creamers with all their different flavors.  

I was scrolling through my sidebar and saw this posting about Iced Coffee.  So then I thought I would give it another try.  Since then I have gone crazy with drinking it everyday.  And because you make such a large quantity of coffee to keep in the fridge it is easy to make each day.  And no hot water is used in the making of this coffee.  From what I can understand making coffee with cold water keeps the acid levels down which is supposed to make the coffee taste better.  I guess I would have to ask all you coffee experts to let me know about this one.  

If you go visit here then you can read directions on how to make Iced Coffee.  You can also go to the Pioneer Woman's website and look it up.  I do make her version of where she adds Sweetened Condensed Milk to my Iced Coffee along with the Coffee Creamer.  Yummy!!!!!  I hope you give it a try and see if it cools you down a bit, well actually a lot.

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  1. errr...if done well, i like iced def has to be dressed up a bit for me to appreciate...which is funny considering i drink my hot coffee black because i like the taste honestly...not so with it iced....

  2. have been hooked on coffee since the age of eighteen...enjoy mine black but "Juiced up ice coffee" is a great drink in the evening. However, I had to give up the evening stuff because I was overloading something somewhere inside my I content myself with 2 cups in the morning and call it a coffee day...

  3. I drank iced coffee through my teenagehood and 20s. Love it with fresh whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.Try hot black coffee with sugar and big scoops of ice cream and be prepared to always be a pudgy cuddly girl:)


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